Monday, 3 September 2012

Match Made In Heaven: Razzmatazz Dreams

Hello everyone. This is my new "series" for my favourite layering combos. I was meant to start this a while ago but I wasn't happy with my pictures. Actually the pictures I've recently taken have not impressed me either but I decided to do the post anyway. The length of my nails varies a lot in the pictures (I didn't even realise how long my nails were).

As simple as it looks I think it's perfect. It's Topshop - Razzmatazz and Revlon - Dreamer (I didn't come up with a very original name). Dreamer being one of my favourite layering polishes, I still don't like the colour by itself, but with Razzmatazz on top :) It's magic ;)

I first did this combo because I didn't want to put on Razzmatazz by itself. I don't see how anybody could wear it by itself, someone said it was 3 coats for full coverage, I did an expriment and it was 6 coats for no bald patches (I am a bit over the top sometimes). It looked amazing in the sun, but otherwise it was a weird shade and a complete nightmare to take off.

By the way Razzmatazz is probably my favourite nail polish, it's for one simple reason that I will mention later. I looked at Dreamer and thought it would be nice underneath. And by golly I was right. It's like Razzmatazz enhances the colour of Dreamer. I couldn't stop staring at my nails, so pretty.

As much as I like my blues and pinks and oranges. I LOVE HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER!!!!! SO MUCH. I'm not sure about holographic nail polish, I've seen pictures and have not been too impressed, I'll probably have to try one out in real life. But I just think, HOLOGRAPHIC GLITTER IS AMAZING. If a polish has lots of holographic glitter, I'll automatically love it.

Dreamer is kind of a cornflower blue or a powder blue, Razzmatazz has a lilacy-bluey base with tons of small pieces of holographic glitter and some bigger pieces.

                                       (Picture of the holographic goodness)

                                           (Some other random shots)

My pictures suck (are ok) and just didn't do it justice but it's truly gorgeous (I know I'm biased cause of the holographic glitter), I would and do wear this combo all the time :)

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