Friday, 7 September 2012

Orange Nails: Bourjois - Tangerine Fatal

Hello there!!! I was unsure of what to paint my nails with, but today in my chemistry class my teacher had painted her nails orange. I really liked it, finally a teacher who chooses a nice colour and nails aren't chipped like there's no tomorrow. Is it strange that when I look at teachers I look at their nails? Probably not ;P

I used to not be a fan of orange nail polish, but the moment I saw Essie - Haute As Hello that changed. Haute As Hello is a more pinky peach (bad description) but still sparked my love for orange nail polish. Essie wasn't available in the UK at that time, but when I first got the chance, I got Tart Deco. And yeah if you didn't know, I LOVE IT. Since Haute As Hello and Tart Deco are similar I'm not sure if I'll get it (99% chance I won't), but every time I see someone using Haute As Hello on their blog I feel a pang of jealously :/

So I saw my friend with this polish on and I loved it. It's this year's "in" colour or whatever. One particular physics lesson I borrowed it from her and obviously I decided I needed it, as always (does this make me a bad student? :/).

                                                   (Artificial Lighting)

                                                  (Natural Lighting)

The natural lighting photos show the true colour better. It's super pretty. This is 3 coats, 2 there was still visible nail lines. I hate visible nail lines but it wasn't too bad. I have also mentioned before that I think the Bourjois brushes are perfect. I should get some more cause the formula is nice too. It makes me remember how much I like this polish.

It's quite summery, but I wear Spring and Summer colours all year round. If someone says I'm on trend, that's a coincidence. I like bright colours and if they are only "in" for 2 seasons of the year so be it. I'm going to keep wearing bright colours no matter the season. Who decided what's "in" anyway? But that said I do think I'll try and paint my nails slightly more according to season, but that's no promise :P

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