Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Autumn vintage floral nails

I probably could do these once a month since I love this design so much. But this time I think I've finally perfected the design. I used to use "season appropriate" colours (cause I've been doing a great job currently... ":/) this time. Also colours I don't tend to use that much even though their nice.

Is that autumn enough for ya? :P I prefer my right hand cause there are more roses. Also on my left hand I was dipping my bobby pin in the wrong place therefore showing more white. The colours are slightly off (e.g. pink is far more rosy) as my natural lighting place is probably going to be out of use for the next couple of months since it's getting darker earlier (but I love that, it's like the "autumn feeling". Or is that just me again?).
Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
White: Models Own - Snow White
Pink: Essie - Your Hut Or Mine?
Purple: Essie - Lilacism
I have a horrible cut on my right thumb so instead of badly editing it out I turned my thumb around. So clever I know, it's just I normally show the whole thumb design. But it wasn't anything that crazy. The shimmer from Your Hut Or Mine? showed up well in this design, it's truly lovely. I do really like Jade Is The New Black and Lilacism, it's just not my favourite colours or polishes so unfortunately don't get used as much as they should. I should change that.

I want to try different variations next time I do this (probably soon), like different ways of doing the roses and obviously different colours. I just love this!!!! :)

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