Saturday, 29 September 2012

Leopard/Bow nails inspired by Vivianne Westwood shoes

Hello there :) I've been wanting to do this mani ever since I realised I hadn't lost these shoes in the summer. They were a gift from my aunt when we went to Thailand. They are a collaboration between Vivianne Westwood and the brand Melissa. They are super pretty, unfortunately not shoes to walk in. They kill feet but otherwise they look really cute.

See they're pretty :) Now to the nails!!!

I also just wanted an excuse to use Baker Street, it is simply stunning. The bow didn't turn out how I wanted it to. Burnt Amber helped improve it but mimicking the bow on my shoes was hard. Also the leopard print (meant to be cheetah print) was difficult to scale down and it turned out really messy. Cause I overloaded the blue blobs :/ But that makes me love it, I love how that leopard print looks, and just the red and blue together. Yum :P I wish I'd slanted the blue part of my index finger the other direction, but you learn from these things :)

I prefer the bow on my left hand, overall still messy. My thumb is still recovering from the cut, but it was seriously bad. Now it's much better ^_^ And I slanted the blue on my index finger the right way. Woop.
Blue: Nails Inc. - Baker Street
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
White: Models Own - Snow White
Dark Blue: Barry M - Indigo
Dark Red: w7 - Burnt Amber
Baker Street was amazing as always. It was probably too light but I think it really works. I really like the design cause it's so fun and bright and definitely bears resemblance to my shoes. I love the colours.

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