Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Blue Nails: Barry M - Blue Moon

Hello there. Today I'll be showing one of my favourite polishes, it's been my favourite for a while. Well until I got really obsessed with nail polish and found a ton of new favourites. But hey I still really like this one :)

        (By the way I didn't realise how messed up the cuticles of my index finger was)

It's a pretty pale blue, every time I have it on someone comments on how nice the colour is. In real life the colour is slightly darker than the pictures. Ok you're probably thinking "It's nice, but nothing special". Oh but it is. The thing I love the most about this polish is the micro shimmer (well that's what I would call it), it's hard to see in some lighting but when you can see the darkish blue micro shimmer. It's gorgeous. I couldn't get it to show up though :/

I'm not one to complain about formula, but the formula of this ain't too great. Mostly my fault though, I have so little left in the bottle that 3 coats was a challenge, and 4 coats probably would of been better. When you have this polish for over a year and use it a ton it will drag. The 1st coat is rubbish, but it definitely builds well. Anyway I don't really care about formula issues. Again it doesn't bother me.

It just looks nice, the shade of blue is really important and Blue Moon looks good. The name is also super cute :)

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