Tuesday, 12 June 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 7 - Black and White Nails

I have wanted to do this for ages O.o (and my friend has been waiting for ages for me to do this :P).

(The photo is edited a bit because the picture I took was really blurry and the colours weren't showing up well).

NINJA NAILS!!!! Ok I’m still excited that they are on my nails :O It’s so SO cute!!! Ninjas in general are awesome. But Gypsy Night makes the ninjas special, they’re sparkly ninjas!!!! I know the black to white ratio isn’t really equal, but hey I used black and white. I just wanted an excuse for ninja nails.

Black isn’t my colour, um it’s not bright :P But recently I went out and bought Topshop Gypsy Night, and I was super excited to put it on. See when black has red flakies and holographic glitter, it becomes my colour. I love Gypsy Night (I love anything with holographic glitter :P), it’s gorgeous. 

                                                    (The camera just couldn't take the glitter)

                                                                     (Look at that glitter!!!!!!)

Colours used:  
Fancy Black (couldn’t think of anything else to call it): Topshop – Gypsy Night
Light Peach: w7 – Linen
Black: Lovely Me:Ex – Black
White: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails – French White Tip


  1. You managed to make ninjas cute ^^ And I love the glitters. I also think that ninjas are cool :p

    1. Yay!!! That was my aim, ninjas are cool and cute :P

  2. i have this polish and its amazing!

    1. Isn't it? :) it's by far my most interesting black polish ;)