Monday, 11 June 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 6 - Violet Nails

Something about purple… Just washes me out, purple is probably my least favourite colour to paint my nails (not including neutrals, cause neutrals in general aren’t my thing). Well today I actually knew what I wanted to do. It could end up hit or miss. Thankfully it hit, I’m tired of missing :L I’ve seen these all the time, but typically in orange.

I went a bit crazy with the blobbing of colours, then crazy with the glitter, but it was all part of the master plan. I actually didn’t like the design until I added the white spots. It does really add a lot to the butterfly wings, they really make all the difference. This design is pretty simple and I’m surprisingly happy with the result. I didn't do a left hand picture as I messed it up, I didn't do enough segments and it didn't look right.

By the way I woke up this morning and looked at my blue nails. There were these random dark blue splodges on 2 of my nails. My thoughts were “What the heck is that??!". And it just wouldn’t come off. But anyway cleaned it off as the bubbles were annoying also. 

Again the black pen :L Can’t seem to stop using it, but it is extremely useful. I feel my nail are SO short, as I said I like normal length nails but not claws but, it's just too short!!! I WANT MY CLAWS BACK :L (this is how bad it’s got). 

Base coat update: Actually got a decent coverage today as I found a technique to how to get more polish out. It’s so gloopy that even when it’s laying on its side it’ll take a couple of minutes to flow on its side. Well soon after discovering the technique the brush broke off the lid, and honestly it’s hard to tell how much longer it will survive.

Colours used:    
Lilac: Essie – Lilacism
Hot Pink: No7 – Me! Me! Me!
Dark Purple: Rimmel – Purple Pulse
Slivery Lavender: Natural Collection – Amethyst
Silver Glitter: Barry M – Silver Glitter
Iridescent Sparkle: Barry M – Pink Iridescent
White: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails – French White Tip
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black (no name)

Lilacism was a redder tone than I expected, but I was just expecting a cool blue toned lilac. I bought it hoping it would change my mind on purple nail polishes. It didn’t, purple just washes me out. But I still like Lilacism and I would definitely use it more.

Equipment used:
Makeup sponge
Bobby pin

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