Wednesday, 13 June 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 8 - Metallic Nails

My thought pattern goes like this: “What’s metallic?” “Robots are”. I honestly didn’t think much of today’s concept, I don’t really have many metallic nail polishes and I don’t like them that much. The first problem was I didn’t have a silver nail polish for the robot. Two, I lacked so much faith in the robot nails I thought about giving up and doing something else. My aim with today was just to get it over with. It was a total mind blank when it came to thinking of robot designs. My original idea was changed so much by the end. And the end result was not expected. 

(There are some mild cuts on my thumb and middle finger. Had an accident in technology. I am now permanently afraid of drills, they're not too bad though. Like really violent paper cuts).
I love it :O I seriously had no idea what I doing. The robots are just plain cute, and the gears are too. The colour scheme worked too. I’m just surprised with how much I like this design.

Unexpected success? Sweet. 

(The picture is extremely yellow because I used a different light for picture. I tried editing the picture to make it less yellow, but it didn't work).

The bow on the purple robot just sells it for me as I love bows. I almost had a fail for the gold robot, but nail art mistakes can be fixed!!!! :D

Colours used:
Gold: w7 – Golden Sands
Pink: OPI – Japanese Rose Garden
Silvery Lavender: Natural Collection – Amethyst
White: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails – French White Tip
Black: Lovely Me:Ex – Black

Amethyst was rather gloopy after a while, but I really liked the opacity of it, it was a great replacement for the silver. The pink was not metallic; I thought it would shimmer a bit, but no. I also thought the pink didn’t suit me (which made me sad), but I really like it now.

Thank goodness my nails are growing back fast.

Equipment used:


  1. This is seriously one of the cutest manicure I've ever seen!!! You did such a great job!!! ^^

    1. The thing was I didn't think I would like this manicure initially, thank you for your nice comment :D