Sunday, 24 June 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 19 - Galaxies

This was so easy. I’ve never done galaxy nails before; the look just never appealed to me, now I think it looks really cool. It definitely grew on me. It was pretty fun and looked way nicer than I thought it would.

I did it as basic as I could but less is more sometimes. I kind of messed up my left hand as I left the excess white polish from sponging it on, on a piece of paper for too long (it got gloopy basically). So when I dipped my toothpick in the polish the small circles were all deformed. I fixed it but I still prefer the galaxies on my right hand. I didn’t realize how simple it was, and even if you’re messy it will work perfectly. Hologram Hexagrams made it special obviously (love that polish). Gypsy Night was a good base for this as there were already sparkles in that polish. 

                                                   (Left hand, I preferred it on my right hand)

It's out of this world!!! (-_- sorry that was awful, but I couldn’t help it :P)

Colours used: 
Black: Topshop – Gypsy Night
White: Natural Collection – White (no name). (The Sally Hansen one got ridiculously gloopy, so this is another old white polish that’s gloopy, but not as gloopy).
Yellow: Barry M – Lemon Ice Cream
Pink: Per Una – Pink (no name)
Chunky Glitter: Barry M – Hologram Hexagrams

Equipment used:
Makeup sponge

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