Friday, 8 June 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 3 - Yellow Nails

Proceeding to day 3 :)

I am very foolish person. I began by painting my nails yellow, with a foolish thought. I did a gradient, but when doing a gradient you work your ways upwards, the reason I didn’t start with blue is because I thought the yellow would be too sheer to sponge on. I thought I could get a tiny bit of blue on the bottom of my nail and then put the pink of the top -_- when sponging on the blue polish it ended up covering half of my nail and I thought “It’ll look alright”. By the time I added the pink it looked ridiculous and I knew I’d gone wrong. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to cover the blue, but surprisingly the yellow built up really well. So mistakes in nail art can be fixed, or I could’ve been smart in the first place. 

First a right hand picture. Mistake fixed, it doesn’t look like I covered half my nails with blue nail polish. I love the colour combination though. 2 layers of sparkle was a bit overkill, 1 would’ve sufficed but I still like it. I got palm tree idea from a cutepolish tutorial and couldn’t wait to try it. Actually at first I didn’t like the design, but slowly it grew on me, and it looks awesome from far away. Which isn’t the case for a lot of designs, normally from far away it looks nothing special.

Left hand. Ok cuticles a bit messy, another reason to not work backwards, my fingers were covered in blue polish -_- clean up was great. But some of the colours blended well, shown in next picture.

 See the top of the pink and yellow together? I like that :P

Colours used: 
Pink (lid is messy, can’t be bothered to clean it :L): H&M – Check Me Out
Yellow: w7 – Sheer Lemon
Blue: Barry M – Blueberry Ice Cream
Iridescent Sparkle – Barry M – Pink Iridescent (not pink at all, comes out clear)
Black: Lovely Me:Ex – Black (no name)

Love that shade of pink, also the pigmentation of the blue is amazing, but unfortunately it could be going gloopy. Not sure as it could’ve been my base coat (that is slowly dying). Going to experiment.

Equipment used:
Makeup sponge

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