Wednesday, 6 June 2012

1st Blog Post/Day 1 of the 31 Day Nail Challenge

Hello Internet! Gosh I'm no good at these :L What am I meant to say now...
Haha this is the beginning of my nail blog. I would consider myself a novice, only started this nail business in September last year. But I'm loving it and I'm having a lot of fun. So I decided to start this blog :P

So I want to start with a bang.

Like many others I’m trying the 31-day nail challenge. The main aim is for me is to have fun :D I’m excited to get started!!! :D

I’ve seen some people just paint their nails a solid red. But personally, I think that’s really boring! This is a nail art challenge, might as well do some nail art :P

So I did some standard red converse. I say standard, as you can see these all over the place. Nothing that exciting, but I liked it. It was far better than my last attempt (when I was starting nail art). It's slightly early but I’m so excited for my next design.

Colours used:
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
White: Sally Hansen Hard As Nails - French White Tip (I just use this as a white, as it’s the best one I have and it’s super good)
Silver (can barely be seen): Professional Nail Art – Silver (no name)
Black (Nail art pen I stole from my friend): Lovely Me:Ex – Black (no name)

Equipment used:

Thank you for reading my first post!!!! :D

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