Monday, 23 June 2014

Yellow Nails: American Apparel - Neon Yellow

Hey ma chums. Hope you'er doing well, I am v chilled right now. I'm off school right now cause after exams, I'm home and free!! I'm not a yellow polish kind of gal but neons. OH MAN you know me and neons!! We rave, and hug and get overly excited. I've been looking for a neon yellow and I've found it, in American Apparel Neon Yellow (original name).

AIN'T IT BRIGHT. I <3 it. Seriously in some lighting, it was just popping and I was loving it. As you can guess Neon Yellow is your standard green toned highlighter yellow nail polish. It's beast!!

This is my first American Apparel nail polish and I really like it and the brand seems pretty cool. For one the bottle is sweet, it's huge and all cuboid-like and that's cool. Also from swatches I've seen the colours are pretty and the neons are pow!! Which I like. So if I have the chance for American Apparel I'll take it. Though sometimes the colours don't seem all that amazing, but when you have good neons I overlook that automatically. Ma eyes go to the neons.

Ok I'm gonna write about the formula and some people are gonna be O.O but remember this is a neon and I just want to say that I'm pretty confident that this would be 2 coats over a white base. I did not use a white base cause I was testing, so I used 7 coats. Which I know sounds ridiculous!! But it's a neon, and neons are sheer. But as you can tell it's not thick at all, as the coats were thin and it did build well (remember this is a neon). I totally totally forgive this cause it's a neon and yeah next time I'm putting it over white which will be WAY less coats and BRIGHT.
It dried matte like neons tend to do and was mega smooth, so smooth, it was nice. I put topcot on for the pictures and it was still mega smooth.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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