Monday, 16 June 2014

Green Nails: Rimmel - Block Your Green!

Hey guys, yes we have another swatch but it's a gorgeous green polish, I don't know why but I <3 green polish!! And Block Your Green! is so enthusiatic!! This was from a dear friend for my birthday and whilst it's taken me to swatch this I've used it for a lot of nail art, it's a great colour.

Now my camera was not capturing this whatsoever, my camera hates green and this is a prime example of that. Block Your Green! is FAR more green and less than this teal that we're seeing. I tried to colour correct but there's only so much I can do (cause I suck at colour correcting haha). I realise now that every post I used this polish I've never managed to get it colour accurate (it's a tricksy one).
Anyway, Block Your Green! is a forest green with a real pretty green shimmer (that's hard to see but can be seen sometimes). And yeah it's a great green and looks really nice.

I just want to say I really don't get the name however I really like the name, even though I really don't get it.
So yeah I'm a Rimmel fangirl now, but as much as I want to just grab the polish I am also very control. And me being me I have  to plan every colour and polish before buying, impulse buys are strange for me. But if there's a seriously amazing Rimmel polish (or just a really pretty one), you'll be seeing not long after I've seen it.

I used 3 coats which applied easily and it was pretty opaque. But this is a stainer, whilst the staining was mild the previous times I've used this the staining was real this time. While I could also blame picking (bad me), the issue is still there. Hopefully this will not be a recurring thing.
Another thing I find with Block Your Green! is that it creates weird chemical reactions, if I put a white polish on top of it, the white turns yellow :/ and the same thing happens with some glitter polishes.
Well I can overlook all these things not only do they not bother me that much but it's a great green and that's enough for me :)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)

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