Monday, 2 June 2014

Green Nails: Barry M - Mint Green

Hello there!! This polish was part of the first bunch of Barry Ms I ever got. I wanted a green for a strawberry design I wanted to do (one of the first bits of nail art I ever did!!), oh memories. At first I was kind of annoyed by the deceiving name cause this polish is not mint green. But as I have grown and loved green polish more and more (I swear Illamasqua Nomad triggered it), this polish has become nicer and nicer. And even though it's an older bottle it hasn't affected the quality of the polish!!

Isn't Mint Green lovely? Just your nice shade of light/middle green, don't really know the shade. I guess it's leaning jade and it's hint dusty, but not mint. It's just not mint.

As I saying I've grown to love green more and more, as I mature my nail polish taste matures with me (HIMYM anyone?). But that means I have a few polishes that are quite similar to this. Oh yeah I talking my comparison post of jade greens. I was surprised when a green polish ended up in my yearly favourites (and in the Top 5!!) but the trend continued and it only will as I just love green polish, it's so unnatural and fabulous.

The formula of Mint Green is on the thicker side which I personally don't mind. It's full coverage in 2 coats but I'm pretty sure I did 3 for the limited streaks left. But the formula was very smooth and even, though the formula was thick it wasn't difficult.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

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