Thursday, 26 June 2014

Coral Nails: Claire's - Hundreds & Thousands

Hey guys, what up? No one says what up but I felt it was appropriate because this polish is so amazing (which are two things that are just not linked but such is my mind).
Because I am so cool I had a massive debate with myself of whether to do a "______ Nails" post or a "Gimme Glitter". You can tell what I picked but just to be definitive with myself, Gimme Glitter posts are for predominantly glitter polishes and otherwise for polishes with glitter but the colour of the polish stands out then I don't do a Gimme Glitter. Or it can go either way depending on my mood, we aren't so official here at PlumeriaPainted. ANYWAY to the amazing amazing amazing polish that I'm in love with that caused such a debate with myself.

By the way this polish learns more pink than orange than my pictures suggest, it's a reason I love it
It's the most gorgeous shade of NEON coral. There's red, blue and yellow/gold glitter (i.e. my favourite colour combo ever). There's added huge white glitter and just white glitter. CAN YOU TELL WHY I LOVE THIS!! It's just combined my favourite polish things into one polish. It's just so perf.
Ok so Hundreds & Thousands (cutest name, good job Claire's) is a neon coral creme with medium blue and sheer white hexes, small red and yellow glitter and big white hexes (love love love). It's way brighter on the nail than in the bottle. The glitter is also not hidden but shows up perfectly in the base.

Claire's is just so beast right now. They've upped their game so much and I'm so impressed. Out of the polishes I've got this is by far my favourite and I really really liked the others. Course I have to get more :P They're jumping on all the trends and doing it right most of the time. So many kudos to them (I don't even know what kudos is).

I used 3 coats by itself and it built really well and the glitter spread great too. The finish was quite lumpy but topcoat sorts that easily (specially a good topcoat, I didn't use a good topcoat and I had to use quite a few coats). It seems like the kind of polish that would be thick but it's not, and it's not streaky and yeah I love it.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

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