Saturday, 14 June 2014

Gimme Glitter: Revlon - Belle

Hi there folks!! Hope you're having a nice day. Today as you can probably guess I have a glitter. I think this is the first polish my best friend gave me like almost 3 years ago or something :O :3 I would literally layer this over EVERYTHING, I was a glitter fiend then as well. But I got over that phase and now I'm just an abuser of all glitter.

Belle is a glitter topper with silver and iridescent glitter and medium hexes of holographic glitter. It's a legit mix, not the most groundbreaking but most of the time you don't need that. Belle really is a great addition to nail art, adds that extra sparkle that I always need.

I do like a good Revlon polish, but they don't tend to do polishes that make me want to run down to the stores. But it's solid stuff. I think Belle could've been some kind of limited edition polish(?), so as usual my bezzie did a great pick.

The formula was good, like a glitter topper should there was a great amount of glitter on the brush and I wanted 2 coats for what I think is sufficient glitter coverage. I put this over Rimmel Block Your Green!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

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