Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Green Nails: Topshop - Green Room

Hi there my fine folks!! I'll tell you honestly, I never expected to write this post cause I never expected to swatch this polish. Using it was also an accident, for some nail art I was doing (which I'll show soon), I wanted my base to have a hint more green which looked streaky and then eventually I went full Green Room. But to be honest I'm glad.

I've given Green Room a lot of hate in the past (yet I never put it in the purge pile, maybe inside I knew I'd change my mind) because of the rubbish formula (I'm not even that fussy about formula!!) and once I got Barry M Greenberry I thought there was no point to Green Room.
But Green Room is an aqua-ish green and I just get really tropical vibes from it that I really like. And it's different from Greenberry, it's slightly darker and more aqua. It's actually a really really nice colour (and it was the perfect base for the nail art). My camera still hates green so I tried to get it as colour accurate as possible, I think I did a respectable job and it may be a hint more green/aqua.

It reminds me why I wanted to get this polish in the first place, because of the awesome colour. I got it with Razzmatazz (which I loved, it came number 2 in my year end favourites). I've mentioned this before too but Green Room is amazing for jelly sandwiches. Generally I love Topshop nail polish, the ones I have are great and I think the colours they are putting out are gorgeous, occasionally unique and with very great formulas (I think Green Room just missed out on the generally amazing formula).

I had 3 coats of Revlon Blue Lagoon on, then I added 3 coats of Green Room. Green Room cannot be worn on it's own, cause from previous experiences, I used 5 coats and VNL was still as clear as day. I haven't texted since that day a while back but it scarred me (:P). However I found this time that the opacity of each coat was pretty decent. Green Room has redeemed itself (but never wear it on it's own)!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!!! :)

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