Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fun Triangle Nails

Hey there, I hope you're having a good day. I have nail art today (woop woop) and I really really like this one. I've always loved a good geometric design and I think I have managed to achieve this time. The uniformity and regularity of geometric designs look so cool and balanced. Hey I always like a good bit of balance.

How colourful!! How fun!! This is the feeling. I'm happy with how neat I managed the triangles, it was time consuming. But worth it!! I really like those colours together too. Of course I needed some variation so I did some glitter placing, I should've just done the same triangles for the whole design. But I do like some placed glitter (and glitter in general not gonna lie) and I like adding some interest.

Yep like usual I got my toothpicks and just painted those triangles, no other rhyme or reason I just painted them on. For the glitter, I fished the glitter out of the respective bottles (which was sometimes slightly hard cause there's lots of different colours of glitter in the bottle that wants to stick together) and placed. Sometimes there was a lot of fishing haha.

Base: Barry M - Fuchsia and Barry M - Superdrug 50th Birthday
Orange: Rimmel - It's a Scorcher!
Blue: H&M - Blue My Mind
Green: Barry M - Kiwi
Purple: Illasmasqua - Jo'Mina
Plum glitter: Orly - Ridiculously Regal
Aqua and Purple glitter: OPI -
Neon Yellow, Pink, Green and Blue glitter: Claire's - Dizzy
Matte Pink, Green, Blue and Red glitter: The Face Shop - CMX321
Orange glitter: Barry M - Superdrug Xmas LE 2012 B and The Face Shop - Vanilla Sugar Yogurt (which ended up being a huge mistake cause the white base of that polish really interfered)
White glitter: Claire's - Fluffy

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fabulous day!! :)


  1. These are awesome, kudos for placing all those glitters!

    1. Thank you!! :D Haha it took a while but thankfully I quite like placing glitter ;)