Friday, 6 June 2014

My 2nd Blogaversary: Top 10 Favourite Nail Art!

Hey there guys, it's my 2nd blogaversary, what??! Yep 2 years ago out of a completely random idea I decided to start this blog. I feel like the stars aligned and my exams finished and my blogaversary is the day after it's pretty brill. Of course I just chilled and relaxed the whole day. And of course was pumped about my blogaversary!!
I really enjoyed this year, I like doing and improving nail art at my own speed. I have to say I have been very busy the whole year, as I had a lot of controlled assessments and the school play and music commitments really took up a lot of my time so I didn't have as much time to do nail art and nail art that was insane but I very much liked what I got to do. I am happy that the general quality has improved since last year, like pictures, cuticles and I guess painting too. I had an adventure of a year in nail art!!
I am hoping to develop and I can't see myself getting less busy during the school year but I'll do my best and I have the summer!! On another note, reading your comments was something I always really really looked forward to and loved, so thank you!!

I feel every year for my blogaversary a collage has to be made and I picked my favourite nail art, nothing I felt was worthy of writing home about but I really really LOVED these looks. You know cute is my favourite thing and I did try out some new things this year and generally I do think I've got better (practice makes perfect right?).
An aim I have for my next blogging is doing more nail art that's unique to me, I like painting some crazy things and I really want to emphasise that and have my nail art more personal to me and something to be MAD proud of. Perhaps I'll push my boundaries and go more artsy, but one step at a time. But yes I have my favourite nail art, some might be surprising but I picked nail art that's not necessarily the most detailed but the most joy inducing for me.

10. Poinsettia Nail Art. Kicking things off at 10 we have some Christmas poinsettia, I don't know why but I just really liked this design, the coloured outlines were different for me and I loved them. I love flowers like that and the extra sparkle from Jinx made this boss.

9. Rainbow Stars. Ok I love that base, rainbow glitter guise. Add the stars and it's cuteness at it's finest. Perhaps it was the combo of rainbow + stars that made this work for me. Simple designs can definitely have the cute factor.

8. Eggs and Bacon. Food. You can't escape it. Or I can't escape it at least, there's more food to come don't worry. I loved the distressed background too. Do I really need to explain much more, it's cute food and this is PlumeriaPainted.

7. Realistic Tiger. Realism is a rare thing on PlumeriaPainted (what can I say, I love cartoons), but I branched to it for the 31 Day Challenge and I'm very proud of that tiger. It's totes fierce. Also I really liked those red sparkly tiger stripes.

6. The Blue Umbrella. I was so enamoured with that short and I was happy to try and translate the adorable story onto my nails, and I was pleased with the outcome. Those umbrellas are just too cute!!!

5. Lily Pulitzer Butterflies. I'd never done a butterfly mani like this before and I loved the printed look. The wings were my favourite, the colour scheme and how all the colours blended. Add the beautiful shimmery blue base and I think we have a winner.

4. Primary Colour Galaxy. Hands down the best galaxy I've ever painted, I <3 that colour scheme and I've always loved galaxy manicures a lot and when I finally do one right it comes near the top of my list. The black and white glitter is edgy too, an edgy galaxy sounds pretty sweet.

3. Rainbow Fish. Those fins were big and bombastic, seriously they were so sparkly. I had these one for New Year's and they were so fun. I'm really pleased with how the fish came out too, the crazy combo of the blue, purple and pink was nice too. I really liked the base, the base can really add or take away a lot.

2. Sweet Food. Hello cute food, you're my favourite forever. They're also yummy (except the banana, sorry I really don't like bananas but I forgive this one :P) and it was the perfect excuse for glitter!! Yeah cuteness and glitter, it's gonna be a PlumeriaPainted favourite. But the combination of all the desserts was a knockout for me, it's a cute food explosion!!

1. Intelligently Cute Owls in the Cherry Blossoms. Maybe this is a surprise but this manicure made me unbelievably happy. While I've done much more complex nail art, this is just pure cute nail art bliss. I think the base is perfectly edgy for the sweet scene, I like the crazy colours of the flowers and don't even get me started on the owls. Those glasses!! And I loved the placed glitter (I was on such a placing kick) and the colours of the owls who just perch all awwwww. Yeah I never make sense haha, you know that reading my blog ;)

Well I hope you liked my picks, to another year of sweet nail art and polish. Fun fact I had 8 right hand and 2 left hand designs, I got some non-dominant hand favourites (which is pretty cool I guess). Thank you so much reading, I mean it every time I write it. Thanks for taking some of your time out to look at my nail art or swatches and reading ma bordering on insane thoughts haha. I really hope to bring you even better nail art (and swatches) over the next year (not in a narcissistic way), it's really exciting thinking that way!! I hope you have a brilliant day!! :)


  1. Congratulations on the 2 year blogaversary!! Your top 10 designs are all so cute! My favourites are nr. 10 with the gorgeous flowers, the owls (cuuuuute) and the eggs and bacon because those are just too funny and adorable!

    1. Awwwwww thanks so so much!! I did it hehe!! Thank you for your thoughts; and yeah the eggs and the bacon were so mental, I'm glad I have some kind of comedy purpose too haha :P :)