Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pink Nails: The Face Shop - PK105

Hello there friends, I have a nice pretty pink polish today. I clearly love pinks like this cause I have a million of them. I really should try some variety, and I can't get rid of a single one cause they all have different merits and they're so pretty!! Also they are completely different so yeah.

But I really like this Face Shop one, it's more jelly-ish and come on the colour!! PK105 is a bright medium pink and man it's not my favourite colour but I'm addicted to it!! Still complaining about the lack of name. Like where's the name? This has such melodious vibes attached to this polish though.

The Face Shop polish is awesome, I haven't had a single one disappoint me and as long as I'm not stupid I can keep it that way. That reminds me I get to visit The Face Shop over the summer, consider me pumped. They're polishes are so sweet, and on the sweet note I thinking of getting more of the Yogurt range they were incredible.

2 coats and you're sorted. I can't remember very well but I think I did 3 just for more opacity. The polish glided so well and I don't know I feel like the formula was kind of gel-esque which worked really well.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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