Friday, 2 May 2014

Pink Nails: No.7 - Me! Me! Me!

Hey guys!! Another pink nails post today, I think I own the most pink polish, I just love pink. I got this polish ages ago, it was the first hot pink polish I ever got (and many more followed). I didn't have my swatch series when I got it so I kind of forgot to do a post about Me! Me! Me! (and the typing the name requires more effort), but we're here today and I also forgot how gorgeous this polish is, it's gorgeous man.

Like really. How did I forget? This is stunning, I <3 <3 <3 pinks like this and I guess I got distracted by Orly Basket Case and I think Me! Me! Me! looks even better in real life.
So yeah Me! Me! Me! is a hot pink creme, no frills, a straight up pink polish. I can't ask for anymore, I really love this, it's a shame I used a ton of this "back in the day" cause my bottle is quite depleted.

No. 7 is Boots own brand of makeup and skincare, and clearly the quality of polish is very high from my experiences with their polish (and I heard the other stuff in the line is good too) and I've been looking up swatches and the polish looks so legit, clearly this is something I need to look more into (they have a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Mermaid's Dream, clearly I need to snatch that up). When Boots were giving away the £5 off vouchers like crazy my friend's mum let me use it and yes I got this, she's the best.

The formula was fabulous, it was very opaque, glided in an elegant way and the brush was perfect. 2 coats done, 1 coat for short nails, probably. Seriously the No. 7 formula is good, I really do need to get more. Problem is I'm saying I need a lot more of a lot of brands :/ Need to sort myself out haha. I have a comparison post with Me! Me! Me! cause crazily enough I have a few polishes similar to this.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)


  1. Oh my, that pink is beautiful! And true to it's name. Very eye-catching and attention seeking (in a good way! ;)) Hahaha! Hmm, is it discontinued? Maybe time to hunt for dupe of it or another bottle ;D

    Btw, whoa I never knew No.7 was Boot's own brand. That totally explains why I was able to find it in Thailand while not here in Malaysia. We don't have Boots here, at least none that I know of o.O

    1. Isn't it? I think it's incredible! And eye-catching and attention seeking are only good things for this polish haha. I don't know if it's discontinued, I haven't checked their polish in a long time, but it would be a shame if it was. I have a comparison of dupes, that you've already seen :P
      Yeah and it's a very good quality own-brand, man Boots is the best. I don't think Malaysia has a Boots, I've never seen one there either. I didn't know Thailand had one, that's pretty cool :)