Friday, 16 May 2014

Pink Nails: Color Club - Wing Fling

Hi my people, I have an awesome Color Club polish for you today. I <3 the 2 Color Club polishes I own and I have been searching TK Maxx high and low for more (and also because of their amazing topcoat, I LOVE that topcoat), but to no prevail and no one else sells Color Club :( One day they will come to me :P Wow I don't know what I'm saying sometimes, anyway this one is gorgeous and I love pink polish, I'm a little girl at heart.

Wing Fling is a gorgeous dark pink/fuchsia glass fleck polish with a hint of duochrome (not strong at all, it's kind of gold-ish I guess but doesn't really show on the nail), and yeah it's beautiful. Blue and pink polish are my two favourite polish colours and there are tons of great pink polishes and this really is one of them.

Wing Fling is from Color Club's 2012 Summer Take Wing collection, TK Maxx gave the whole collection but I gave most of them away, but I kept Sky High and I loved that one a lot. The collection was full of glass fleck polishes in most of the rainbow and it was a brilliant collection.

The neon coral jumper strikes again
2 coats, 0 fuss, 0 issues. I love when formulas are like that, you can't ask for more and makes things so much easier.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)


  1. Such intensity! I guess it is undeniable that flecks are awesome additions to a nail polish :) Oh the sparkles they bring! ;) Great to hear of the fantastic formula too.

    1. I love that about this polish!! The glass flecks are so gorgeous and this polish is the bomb, it's always even better when the formula is great too :)