Saturday, 31 May 2014

Gimme Glitter: OPI - Rainbow Connection

Hey there guys, I hope you're having a nice day presently. I've shown this polish a lot, but not in a proper Gimme Glitter post. Also over time my thoughts of this polish has changed gradually. Fun fact, this was my first OPI polish ever and I got it on Christmas Eve, it's a really cute first OPI story ;)

Rainbow Connection is a mix of shiny rainbow small and medium hexes in a clear base. Well not exactly rainbow, more pink, orange, gold, blue, green and silver. Man early polish days me just loved the sound of rainbow glitter and the name of this polish. But now it really falls flat, it just doesn't look very nice and I'm not as into metallic glitter as I used to be (with definite exceptions). The purple base was a bad call too, I thought that it would add the purple that's in a rainbow but it really didn't work. I'm just not sold on this polish.

This was from the Holiday Muppets Collection in 2011 (wow it's been a while), I remember a lot of people were disappointed with that collection. But the glitter polishes were meant to be layered, but present day me wouldn't be so keen on those polishes. An abundance of shiny glitter, though I think the mixes were better than Rainbow Connection, more straightforward and less messy.

My bottle is quite old so that must be partially to blame for the tricky formula, there was a lot of moving to be done for a somewhat even spread. It was also pretty like gooey (never described a polish like that before), but once again I blame that on old, halfway used bottle. I used 2ish coats, I used a loaded up brush and then touched up places without glitter.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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