Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Gimme Glitter: Barry M - Amethyst (Reswatched)

Hi guys, I decided to reswatch this polish cause I wasn't so crazy about my first swatch of this, it was blurry though to be honest it probably showed the glitter better than what I'm showing you today. But um yeah I be a genius cause I had a genius idea on how to wear this polish and I loved it. Still thanks to my pal who got this for me, Barry M = my love.

Amethyst consists of black, gold, aqua, purple and pink small hexes with smaller aqua glitter. Still is a pretty cool mix, still trying to find a way to use it awesomely in nail art.
At least this swatch shows how reflective this polish is. See I don't like the dull quality of shiny glitter, it doesn't mean I don't like this but it doesn't make me crazy. Oh how my swatches have changed, I do think I have got better. My swatches no longer have shocking cuticles, terrible lighting and unfocusedness (most of the time).

This polish is CRAZY dense, this was 1 coat right here (over No. 7 Me! Me! Me!). It required a little bit of moving but I did manage to get it all spread and that's a lot of glitter for 1 coat. And the last time I posted about this I said removal was a nightmare but honestly it wasn't too bad, I think as long as the coats aren't thick everything is ok.

Now this here is win. Cause I wasn't convinced by the before manicure so I thought jellying could be a good idea and oh man it was. I love how jellying kind of gives the appearance of matter glitter, and now you can clearly see all the colours of the glitter and it's boss. I didn't fail jelly 101 either and did thin coats of jelly, helped by the fact that Barry M Superdrug Summer 2013 LE A is rather sheer.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!! :)


  1. Ohh that sure is glitter packed! Definitely one anyone could put when they need some sparks (or like a LOAD of them!) hahahaha!! Nail art? How about Glamour Characters XD hahahahaha they'll look crazy awesome! Oohh do love the jelly version too, its just as you said, it totally transformed the glittering glitters to matte.

    Have you gotten any from the new Barry M collection? >.< Feel like I'm really really really missing out darn a lot not having Barry M here.

    1. Haha yes!! That what I should try to do more. That's a brilliant idea!! If only I could do letters on my nails better!! That's what I love, and the colours look so sweet!! :)
      OH MY GOSH THE NEW COLLECTION!! I WISH!! Coincidentally I was thinking of getting it today if someone would take me to a shop, but no I have to wait until my exams are over :/ But oh yes, the dark green will be mine, I put it on the wishlist the moment I saw it. I seriously adore that colour!! I'm also in love with the limited editions and hopefully I can get them in time!! Man Barry M is the absolute best, everywhere should have Barry M, it is a shame :(