Saturday, 7 December 2013

Teal Nails: Barry M - Guava

Hello there you, happy weekend!! Today I have a swatch, a polish from a dear friend. I surprisingly don't have all that many teal polishes, I guess I just move to the blue or green party. But somewhere in between is always good for me :)

This here is Barry M Guava from the Summer Gelly collection. I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!! I just adore the colour it's sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful, but also a pain to photograph. My camera hates green (-_-) and give it teal and it's whole other issue. I had to colour correct with my limited editing skillz but I'm glad I got it pretty accurate. I refused to show you a blue polish for this.
Guava is a more leaning on blue light teal and it's just gorgeous, I'm such a big fan of this polish.

The Barry M Gellies are fabulous (as are Barry M polishes, I just looooovvvvvve Barry M), the summer collection this year was pretty great. I might get Blue Grape just so I have a guilt free Baker Street that I can use ALL the time. And just look how shiny this is, and this is sin topcoat, it's pretty spectacular. I looked up what a guava looks like and this is not the colour of a guava, but this doesn't bother me.

2 flawless coats, this was actually opaque in 1 coat, I did two cause of habit and my nails are pretty long. But even so 1 coat was pretty much perfect. It glided and was so opaque and these are so fantastic, how can formula be so great? But I think this one chips quite easily, but throw your topcoat on and everything should be fine.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Hahahaha!!! I was about to mention, "I've certainly see a pistachio green sort of guava, light coloured green perhaps to represent the inside of the fruit, and have heard and drank pink guava.... I've not seen any guava in that shade". Hahahahaha!! Its weird how people names stuff that doesn't represent the actual thing. Makes me wonder if they had too many drinks :P But as you said! The shade itself is gorgeous! Hehe, glad your friend pick this one up for you. Now you have a lovely inbetween shade in your stash ;)

    1. Hahaha yes, I even looked up guavas cause of this polish and was like "this colour is not guava", never drank pink guava though, sounds pretty cool. Haha maybe they did, Barry M Dragon Fruit is in the same kind of category but still looks slightly similar to it's namesake. But oh my gosh this polish is fantastic, she knew I liked blue and gave me the perfect polish. And it's a fabulous inbetween shade to have :)