Sunday, 29 December 2013

Pink Nails: Barry M - Dragon Fruit

Hey there guys!! Ok this "swatch" is "exciting", this is the final polish in my favourite polishes on this year, I've decided this would be the "closing" polish and oh man it's gonna be a fun list. I was meant to get this polish earlier but I waited and I should know that I shouldn't wait for the Barry M's, they are fantastic, and this one is no different.

Dragon Fruit is your "standard" medium pink, I don't know why but I LOVE pink!! Pink is one of my favourite colours, you'd think as you grew up you'd like pink less but no, if anything I love pink more. Dragon Fruit has a subtle silver shimmer which is SO pretty and occasionally looks green/pink in direct lighting. I thought this was my favourite Gelly the moment I tried it, but after I got over that I realised maybe it doesn't rank that high but it is up there, I love this polish!! I say that about all the Gellies!!

This came from the Spring Gelly collection this year, fabulous set it was. The gellies have been killing it this year and I'm going to get them all. Hopefully next year the gellies will be just as (or even more, if that's possible) amazing.

My nails are rather long right now so I needed 3 coats to even out streaks, maybe 2 coats would work for shorter nails but I don't know I feel like 3 coats is like standard issue because of streaks, and not like the streaks were bad though. But it was easy to apply and generally was no hassle. Like the gellies usually are.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)

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