Thursday, 5 December 2013

Distressed Catching Fire Nails

Hi there!! After this post I'm hoping for everything to go full Christmas, I LOVE Christmas and I want to do some more unconventional Christmas nail art this year. But winter is here and my lighting is gone, expect to see some different lighting situations. Seriously 4pm my lighting is gone (I mean gone, it is very dark), sometimes it's gone before that and I get home from school after 4pm so I have issues.
Anyway on Sunday I watched Catching Fire and yes it was amazing and I was muy emotional and Josh Hutcherson was perfect and they were very true to the book. I feel like they casted very well, the acting was great and they created some brilliant tension, seriously during the film I was so on edge. And I wanted to do some Catching Fire nails for the movie, I did my nails for the last Hunger Games film and maybe one day I'll show them to you, but for now I have distressed fire nails.

Everybody has been doing distressed nails and I had to jump on the boat cause they look really cool. I used Chalkboard Nail's tutorial and it's really easy and packs on the colour (I love packing on colour). My 2 cents on distressed nails are use a light hand, the distressed effect it better the lighter you lean. I thought the fire and the distressed would go perfect together, not to hard to piece together considering the film's release and the popularity of distressed right now. I really like the way it looks it has that edgy that I love and crave.

Have you guys seen the film? Pretty much everyone I've talked to has really really enjoyed it, I really hope they do a good job with the 3rd and 4th film cause I didn't like the 3rd book but if the film can change my mind I'll know they've done a good job. But I have to say I preferred the film of Catching Fire over the book (I wasn't crazy about the 2nd book, I bet people are yelling at me), I just loved having the story play out for me, maybe I'll get the 3rd book better in film form.

White: Barry M - Matt White
Black: Rimmel - Black Pearl
Red: M&S - Poppy and OPI - Jinx
Orange: Essie - Fear Or Desire and Models Own - Beach Party
Yellow: M&S - Maize and Rimmel - Sunshine

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a happy day!! :)


  1. Oh, i love distressed nails! One of my favourite techniques too. Not to forget the very cool effects it has on nails :) And I really love how the effect on your thumb came up. Simply stunning :D Ahh, haven't watch the movie though. I'd definitely check the movie out when I have the chance. :)

    1. I love distressed nails too, I really want to do more!!! And thank you :3 You should see the movie, I think it's enjoyable for fans and people who don't really know the series alike, hope you like it!! :)