Friday, 27 December 2013

Penguin Aurora

Hi there guys!! Ok this was the other half of my Christmas manicure but like I'm all out of order here on the blog but whatever, this wasn't as Christmas related so I thought it would be appropriate to post now. I was meant to match but then I didn't want to paint Kermit twice (and I'm glad I made that decision). So I did something simpler, but I LOVED it!!

Penguin and glitter gradients, LOVE. Seriously the index and middle gradients might be the best glitter gradients I've ever done, the combo is GORGEOUS!! Now my gradients were pretty sub-standard but this is why I love glitter, it enhances every gradient a million times better. I might do a full manicure of that gradient, I love it!! The penguin is pretty cute and was so easy to paint, I made a little bow out of placed glitter which I think is mega cute. I wrote aurora cause I like the word, but the gradients kind of give that aurora feel (well I think anyway).

I get lazy during gradients, I'm meant to sponge them but then it's such a slow process that I just get the brush and paint it on, which works so all is ok. The glitter gradients look amazing matte, all glitter should be mattified cause in general it looks incredible.

Sorry for the state of my hands, this time I really don't know what happened :/
Blue of the penguin: OPI - Get Your Number
White: Barry M - Matt White
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Orange: Essie - Tart Deco
Light blue to purple to pink gradient: M&S - Ultraviolet to Barry M - Prickly Pear to Barry M - Dragon Fruit
Pink/purple/blue glitter: OPI - (I LOVE THAT PURPLE GLITTER!! Ok this glitter is just so pretty)
Teal to purple to dark blue gradient: M&S - Peacock to OPI - Plum & Get It to Kiko - 265
Square glitter: OPI - Lights Of Emerald City (Ok I love those squares, clearly I need more square glitter, clearly I need more of all the glitter cause I clearly don't have enough glitter haha :P)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)


  1. Totally agree with you, LOVE the gradient! The color combo looks amazing and the glitter is so pretty. The penguin you added makes the design even cuter than it already it <3

    1. Thank you so much!!! ^_^ Agreed about that glitter, I do love gradients, I just wish I was better at doing them :)

  2. Those square glitters... <3 <3 <3 And of course, an over-cute penguin! So so so adorable!

    1. Thank you!!! :) Oh my gosh I love the square glitter, I'm now obsessed with squares and making everything cute :P but you knew that already ;)