Monday, 30 December 2013

Pink Nails: Barry M Royal Glitter - Princess

Hi there guys!! I guess I'll been ending off this year with swatches (well not tomorrow, I have nail art for that), I love trying out new polishes and in general I feel like I'm closer to swatching my stash (but that will take a while, a long while...). Barry M have been absolutely incredible this year, you probably have read me raving here cause I rave about Barry M so often, Barry M will definitely be featuring in my favourites. This is the other textured polish I had my eye on and it's gorgeous, I knew I wouldn't be disappointed!!

Just a note, in real life the polish is a touch lighter (depending on the lighting), still just as pretty though
Peachy pink, golden shimmer with silver glitter. Genuinely one of the most unique textured polishes I've seen this year (in all the brands) and just gorgeous. Looks the same with topcoat like Lady, I love peachy pink and that shimmer is so pretty. Another winner in the Barry M books. Pale pink doesn't really suit me but I feel like this one sort of does (not in all lightings though, take away the direct lighting and this doesn't work on me, but I don't care :P). Also isn't Princess such a cute name? :3

As you can guess this came out in the Royal Textured Polishes Barry M released recently, I swatched Lady the other day, I don't think I'll get anymore cause the other colours are really not me. My friend said she'd buy this for me for my birthday (cause she asked me for nail polish suggestions), then she said she'd buy me it for Christmas, but she'd forgotten. But we went shopping together and I found this polish, handed it to her and told her to buy it for me. Haha is that wrong? I feel like close friends can do that to each other, wasn't overly surprised when Christmas rolled around :P But of course I'm thankful that she got it for me. Trust me, she's used to me :P

I used 3 coats, but 2 coats would do for shorter nails and people who don't hate VNL with a passion. Otherwise formula was perfect, no issues whatsoever applying, which I think Barry M has mastered.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day!! :)

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