Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Purple Nails: Barry M - Berry Ice Cream

Hi there guys!! Happy October!! :) I think most people are finishing the challenge today and blah-di-blah I'm really busy blah blah blah, so I'm taking my time to get there but I have to say I'm really enjoying it and I really like what I've done for the challenge.
So some nice plain purple nails today, this was also my first ever pale purple polish (the pale purples have grown since then). I think I had a bad first experience with this polish so I thought it sucked -_- I'm wrong all the time, this was another instance where I was wrong but this was at the beginning of the nail obsession so I didn't know much. But beginning of this year I realised how amazing this polish is and now it's one of my favourites.

I deplenished half the bottle and I only really started using it this year. The thing that makes this lovely for me is the pink tone that Berry Ice Cream has. Oh yeah pale purple really doesn't suit me, washes me out like nobody's business but this is so wearable, and though it doesn't suit me completely it's such a pretty colour that I don't care.

I mentioned I got this polish a while ago, but really I mean it was quite the while and it's not gloopy. I love that cause I can't deal with gloopy polishes. I guess this was part of Barry M's Ice Cream collection consisting of pastels, I own a few as you may have seen on this blog. I now love pale purple polish due to this polish and Barry M - Prickly Pear.

2 easy coats and you're set, I used 3 for the odd nail when it was slightly streaky but 2 coats is really all that is required. I used to not like this polish cause 1. It was pale purple and 2. I thought it took forever to dry. It doesn't take forever to dry we've already established that the colour is gorgeous and I'm wrong.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Ahh gorgeous shade indeed! Nice to hear that the formula is behaving much better now. Was it hot when you first tested it? Hot weather tends to make polishes behave weirdly. Hahahah! Hmm, I think half a year ago, I would have cringe at the thought of having light purple/lilac on my nails. These days, it's a colour I appreciate having and actually really come to like it! Hahahaha! I'm pretty sure the nail blogging world has a lot to do with influencing me XD I just love how it opens up our eyes to accept 'new' colours! Very rewarding experience! :D Annnnnnddd I really think it looks great on you! :D

    1. Isn't just so pretty? :) Actually it was pretty cold when I first tried it, I think I wanted the opacity to be better and I was just particularly impatient. Yeah I could not do pale purple either, but now I love it. To be honest it was probably bloggers that influenced me too haha and I'm glad. And thanks!! :D