Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Liebster Award Take 2!!

Hi there you guys!! I was tagged by the very kind Gelic Nail Art and of course I'm so thankful to her and you should all go check out her blog!! I've done this before (the reason take 2 is in the title haha) but there's no reason not to do this again as it's a lot of fun and finding out more about different nail bloggers is always interesting. Here's take 1 of this award so you can get the lowdown on what happens here :)

1. The classical question; how many polishes do you have in you stash?
...103? Yeah that's a number. Not including topcoats and base coats (I have 6 kind of). Or the de-stash pile (22, aren't you proud of me? :P) that's going to be given away. And is it just me or do people having troubles counting when it comes to polish. I just lost the ability to count and kept confusing my numbers :/

2. Is there an amount of polishes that's enough or are you collecting until you're happy?
Ah this is connected to the last question. I don't have an amount so the collecting 'til I'm happy is probably the case. But for certain colours I have, the current number I have is the max. of that colour I'll ever own (unless something crazy happens). But I'm very selective when it comes to new polish, I always try to convince myself that I don't need it if I can. My wishlist is short the majority of the time (currently it's mostly indie glitters aka beautiful things) so I can't imagine my stash having a colossal amount of polish at any stage. 

3. What was your first polish bought or given?
Before my nail polish craze one of my friends bought me Barry M Lemon Ice Cream (my first Barry M!!) but the first polishes bought by me was (I think) a bunch of Barry M's, specifically Blue Moon, Mint Green, Strawberry Ice Cream and Blueberry Ice Cream.

4. What kind of nail art technique do you enjoy the most to see/do?
Freehand is my personal favourite and freehand work is probably my favourite to look at on other blogs too. 

5. When you buy nail polish do you prefer buying them from a physical shop or online?
For mainstream brands it's physical shops no contest. I hate waiting for polish and when you buy it from a physical shop it's there for you to use immediately. But I love online shops for indie polish (as that's the only place you can buy it). 

6. Which are your favourite physical/online shops?
Boots, TK Maxx, Superdrug, I would include some other kind of shop but I only buy nail polish nowadays.
Etsy, Harlow & Co (love browsing there, they've got their site layout perfect) and Amazon.

7. Is there any nail polish/nail art trend/nail length which you think stands out in your country?
I don't really know about nail art trends or nail lengths (it depends on the people) but Barry M. Every British girl owns a million Barry M's (and if they don't they should!! :P).

8. Do you paint your nails anywhere or do you have a special place? If so, where?
I can paint my nails anywhere but I do really only paint my nails in one place which is my study in front of my laptop (which trust me can be dangerous, I had a nail polish remover situation once but thankfully it ended with no damage).

9. If your blog wasn't nail related, what would it be about?
I thought about blogging about my life, but lol that would be boring and I would get tired of it quickly. I'd love to have some kind of awesome DIY arts and craft blog but I've not even ventured into that area so a blog about it would be silly. Or a music blog, I could do that. 

10. Do you ever colour co-ordinate your outfit to your nails or the other way round?
Never, I don't care about matching if anything I love to not match and instead clash. Maybe in a blue moon I'll match my nails to my outfit or something. 

11. Do you think there's a nail colour/nail art that doesn't suit long/short nails?
No, but I think some nail art designs require a certain nail long for it to work best. For example some of the character nail art I do, they definitely look best on longer nails.

Honestly I tag anyone who hasn't done this, so if you're reading and you haven't done this, go for it!! Actually even if you have done this and want another go like me, I linked my 1st time doing this tag above and I have questions there. 

Thank you for reading this little it about me and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Wow, so fun to know more about you and read all your answers! :D And thanks for doing the award! <3

    1. Thank you!! I just come off as a bit nail polish obsessed (but that's not surprising :P) and it was an absolute pleasure!! :D

  2. Whoa, I could really use your skills in self convincing, I think I may be close to 300 already \(=_=)/ Hahahah! I have controls too, but but but... it's 50% success and 50% failure. XD Almost 70% failure if I see colours like blue or glitter mixes. Anyway, I avoid getting too many similar colours. Really not necessary, but I'm pretty sure I have tons of similar colours =.=!!

    For the time being, I haven't seen much of what may captivate me. Other than brands like OPI and Zoya or piCture pOlish (gotta love those collaboration shades!) As for OPI, their recent Artist collaboration series with Mariah Carey (the Holiday Collection) proves to be quite a gem! Another eye catching one is OPI This Gown Needs A Crown! Love that bright white silver! Zoya, Dream and Mosheen are stunners! But if I do get Dream, I wouldn't go for piCture pOlish Cosmos - they are pretty similar.

    Hehe, huge fan of freehand too! Possibilities are endless ;D Ooh! I love arts & Crafts too! Nothing like fun DIYs and little projects to work with at home! Recently (last month, maybe) I finally worked on DIY Lightbox! Took fewer hours than expected, felt so accomplished after doing that XD

    1. I'm proud that I can convince myself that I don't need certain polishes, I removed 2 from the wishlist recently. I use reasoning, like "it'll end up not being used" and "that polish is too red toned to be pretty" even if I know that's not the case I can make myself believe that :P But I fail when it comes to glitter, and just in general sometimes I have moments of weakness. I also have too many blues and glitters (but I'll only get more!! ;)).

      Indies are capturing my heart right now (but I am controlled :P), and I always have a ton of Barry M's I want to get. I Snow You Love Me looks awesome from that collection, but I already have my reason why I don't need it (even though it's holographic glitter!!). Dream looks GORGEOUS, I wish Zoya was available here, but in another sense it's a good thing cause I'd be like "BUY ALL THE ZOYAS!!".

      Oh I'd love to make a lightbox, I'll have to get round to it soon as winter is coming. But sometimes I just know it'll be a fail, hoping for the best!! I love cute little arts and crafts projects, I saw a really cute felt kite hair clip that I'd love to make and I really want to get into nail polish jewellery and create pretty gifts for people!! :)