Friday, 4 October 2013

31DC2013: Day 28 - Inspired by a flag

Hi there guys!! I know there are plenty of cool flags around but I decided to just do some Union Jacks to make up for the shambles that was my attempt last year. I somehow managed to mess them up, but I've definitely improved this time.

And I added some pastel accents for some extra interest, I think it's super cute. And yeah UK flags cause it's still my hometown, dawg. Sorry don't know where the dawg came from. One thing I'm annoyed with is that my lines are so chunky that you can't see the blue bases too well, if I had known that I wouldn't have used Baker Street, but let's say it's worth it cause it's a British brand. My favourite nail is my thumb cause you can see the blue and it's just cute in general.

Blue: Nails Inc - Baker Street
White: Barry M - Matt White
Red: Essie - E-Nuff Is E-Nuff
Light Blue: Revlon - Blue Lagoon
Pink: Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream is a tricky mistress, I was thinking of using a different colour but it's my only light pink. So i would load up the brush then spread from there. It's really gloopy but I really like the look so yes worth it. And most of the polishes in this design are British brands :P

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. I think you did great! :D And I also like that you made accent's in pastel, I've actually scheduled a post with that theme union jack theme til' sunday! :D
    My tip about the lines is to either buy a fine liner brush with the thinest brush ever to paint the lines or to purchase fine liner polishes (which is what I use), then the blue (base) will show through much more! :D

    1. Thank you!! :D Haha twinsies!! That's a good idea, I'm just lazy unfortunately :/ and I always try to use whatever I've got. Hopefully one day my laziness will end and I'll go get some fine line brushes!! :)

  2. Hahahha I love this!!! What an eye-tricker! When I saw the pictures, I thought you did a layer of sheer white over the ring and thumb as accent! Amazing to read and find out they were all pastel polishes! Wow, perfect choice of colours! (and polishes, considering you took in account for the country origins) ;) Well done, Gillian!

    1. Thank you!! :D Haha a sheer white polish could have made things easier (the pink was sheer) but pastels are automatic cute. The polishes were really coincidences, I own many Barry M's (and nothing will stop me getting more, they are such value for money!!) and it was highly likely that I was going to at least just 1 in this design :)