Saturday, 12 October 2013

31DC2013 Recap!!

Here we are at the recap, I had much fun during this challenge and got to stretch my imagination. And I'll probably do it again (will I be less busy? Only time will tell). There's been an incredible amount of improvement for me from the last time I did the challenge, not only in "skill" but in picture quality and cuticle care (yet sometimes my cuticles still choose to be temperamental) too. I honestly really enjoyed all the manicures I did for this challenge. Favourites? I'll put a little heart next to them ^_^

Gradient Nails: Pink/Orange/Green Gradients (feat. neon and dull) <3
It's neon, I can't not. I could not stop staring. Also it's the best gradient I've ever done. 

Polka Dots: Pop Art 3D Dots <3
I love pop art and the 3D polka dots looks so awesome.  

Stripes: Black Bandages with colour

Animal Print: Fish Scales

Flower: Textured Kate Spade Floral

Delicate Print: Heart Lace/Doily (kind of)

Tribal: Neon pink with studs (inspired by funky matte glitter) <3
Neon pink, tribal, matte glitter. Looking good, add those studs and I'm done.

Glitter: JoJo's Circus <3
Ok favourite glitter, JoJo and Goliath look so cute. These reasons for favourites aren't in depth.

Half Moons: Dreamcatchers

Galaxy Nails: Galaxy Chocolate (yum)

Water Marble: Watermelon Marble

Inspired by a colour: Fruit Basket (cherry, plum and pear)

Inspired by a song: Something In The Water by Brooke Fraser

Inspired by a movie: Monsters University

Inspired by a book: Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother by Amy Chua <3
I'm proud of the tiger and the shimmery coral stripes looked awesome.

Inspired by fashion: H&M outfit

Inspired by a pattern: Paperchase Robots

Inspired by artwork: Coplu's heart balloons in a night sky (not official title, I don't know it)

Inspired by a flag: Union Jack

Inspired by the supernatural: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon <3
It's Luigi. This is what I meant about shallow reasons.

Inspired by a tutorial: Cool 3D Cubes

Recreate a manicure you love: Lucy's Stash's One Stroke Flowers
Unexpected favourites are probably the polka dots, the mosaic design and my watermelon marble. Picking favourites is hard for me though cause I'm very proud of these designs. I'm sure all other challenge participants had a great time doing this challenge (minus the time constraint) and I hope you liked reading mine :) Are there any manicures from my challenge that you particularly liked? I'd be really grateful to know. Thank for so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!! ^_^


  1. Wow, I love these posts, you've made an astonishing work here! My favoroites are; sponge bob, Ior, rainbows, tiger and red flowers.. :D Great freehand and great choice of things to make for each theme :P

    1. Thank you SO much!! ^_^ And thanks for your feedback, it's interesting and so nice of you to take your time to tell me!! :)

  2. Again, you're being too modest here. See my list:

    1. Mario Mushrooms: it is mushrooms! Definitely in my favourite list!
    2. Fox Phone Case: too adorable to dismiss!
    3. Spongebob Square Pants: I absolutely love the multi-expression you did here, its a lot of effort!
    4. Drips Over Textured Blue: I'm sure you know why already.. that's texture and glitters and blue! but seriously, the combo is stunning!
    5. Geometric Double Rainbows: I'm confused, how is it that you can pass up such vibrant skittlette?!
    6. Pink/Orange/Green Gradients (feat. neon and dull): oh yeah, I love this contrast!
    7. Polka Dots Popart 3D Dots: One of your best dotticures! Love it!
    8. Textured Kate Spade Flowers: This is amazing, why didn't it make it into your list?! T.T
    9. Heart Lace/Doily (kind of): Super artistic in my opinion! Still one of my favourites!
    10. Neon Pink with Studs, (inspired by funky matte glitters): Ha, even my mom says this is colourful (she happened to pass by, lols!) The neonness is not to be miss!
    11. Watermelon Marble: Looks just like watermelon to me ♥ ♥ ♥
    12. Fruit Basket: I love each fruits' attitude! :D
    13. Something in The Water by Brooke Fraiser: Does look like paper/washi paper arts, LOVE!
    14. Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother, Amy Chua: Yeap, I'm very proud of your tiger too! Those details are admirable!
    15. Luigi's Mansion Dark Room: Hahahaha! The expression on Luigi's face is priceless! XD
    16. Cool 3D Cubes: It's geometry, need I say more? XD
    17. Lucy Stash One Stroke Flowers: Christmas Reds, and love how you took an inspiration, and made it yours! :)

    Ha, now Congratulations upon completing this challenge! Well done!! Go treat yourself to something nice! You totally deserve it ;D And a toast to more creativity and continuous growth in nail art, in the future! *Kampai~!* ~.^

    1. :') Thank you for taking your time to write these lovely things :') I guess I'm highly selective and have a high standard for myself. I appreciate this so much!! ^_^
      I really did like those manicures, like those rainbows but once again I'm very selective. And thanks to your mum, colourful is my favourite!! In the end I was very happy with that marble even though it wasn't what it was meant to be, the index finger was particularly watermelon like. Maybe I should've been a bit more free with my favourites, I really like the elements you've mentioned!! Texture and geometry are wonderful, I beyond get you!!
      I'm proud of the pace I managed to get this challenge especially considering how busy I was, hehe maybe I will treat myself... ;) Kampai!!! Haha (I had to look it up :P) :D