Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pink Gradient Nails + Neon Glitter

Hi there guys!! Hope you're doing good, I'm enjoying this time off school I'm getting. Even though I'm gonna have a ton of work, this is my life :P I wanted neon glitter so I did neon glitter. I stated that I've been getting pink into all of designs from the 2nd half of this month, for breast cancer awareness month.
What I've got from this awareness month is to check frequently because this affects a lot of woman and the more you check the more chance one has of ridding it. As I stated (in a quite embarrassing fashion) last year, I do believe that one day that there'll be a cure for cancer. I might continue this pink thing for the 1st half of November though I am a pink lover so it shouldn't be hard for me. Oh yeah there's a major lack of Halloween designs this month, I don't really like Halloween all that much and I tried last year (see: October 2012 in my archives :P) but frankly I'd rather be doing my pink designs. Ok to the mani!!

This manicure looks awesome in real life, you know me and all things neon. Especially this neon glitter, I have raved many a time. The gradient was pretty rubbish but glitter does magic to gradients. My pale pink is gloopy and sparse so I could not get it to blend. I got the brush and dabbed but add glitter and the gradient appears. Neon glitter does not look particularly good over darker colours (the hot pink) but it was necessary for the gradient and hopefully I won't be doing that again. I'm glad I got the white in there cause the neon glitter looks best over white. Obviously there are bubbles, I can't avoid those things.

White: Barry M - Matt White
Light Pink: Barry M - Strawberry Ice Cream
Hot Pink: The Face Shop - PK105
Neon Glitter: Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around
Purple glitter is still bleeding and is very faded (you see a faint piece of glitter, that's the purple glitter), here's my original post to show the comparison of the purple glitter but the base actually isn't that pink from the bleeding. It would work for this look but honestly the base is still pretty clear. 2 coats used here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a happy halloween!! :)


  1. Haha! I wouldn't mind Halloween if it means I get to just go out one day and be totally goofy. Hmm, but I pretty much try out different style (but nothing too bizarre, maybe this year..lols!) on Christmas most of the time so.... Anyway, this manicure is so so pretty! I love how they seem to be fading into hue (or rising from the hue) hahahaha!! XD

    Owh, so sad that the purple doesn't show much anymore.. hope that didn't cause too much changes in the mix. But you still manage to keep rocking this neon glitters! Hurray for that! :D

    1. I want Halloween as an occasion that I can dress in some ridiculous cute food pun and laugh at myself. But I always manage to miss it...oh well haha. Oh I go OD on the christmas nail art, I make up for all other holidays lol.
      Thanks!! :D Like pink fire with neon sparks :P Agreed, the purple glitter was so pretty but I can still manage, neon glitter forever (whatever state it's in) I say!! ;)

    2. Hahahahahaha it means overdose. Sorry I use lots of random made up slang in my life and I forget the outside world doesn't know what it means :P :)