Saturday, 26 October 2013

Pink Nails: Barry M - Superdrug Limited Edition Summer 2013 A

Hey there guys!! Hope you're all well and relaxing. Yeah I need to end my procrastination soon (but knowing me I won't :P). Hard when Happy Street releases an update where you can get beach, I've got the beach and it's fab (I spent a solid 2 days getting it) But the story that they've put through is really good, I NEED MORE QUESTS (cause more quests = more story). That's what makes Happy Street special, the cute little story they put through the game.
Anyway polish, I was suckered in by the packaging and the limited edition and I liked the colour. When I put it on I knew this was a special one, and after when I put it on again I simply LOVED it. It's another limited edition though (I love the Barry M limited edition polishes) so this bottle will be treasured like the other limited editions. The colour is just so me, and it's neon, and it's pink. Like there was no way I wasn't going to love this.

When I first bought this I didn't realise it was neon, but then I was in a darkish and it was "glowing". I LOVE that!! Obviously my camera had difficulties capturing the colour (neons are hard and I think my camera is not a fan of pink, convenient as it's one of my favourite colours), so some "colour correcting" was needed. It's a coral-ly light pink and it's so beautiful. I can't be the only one who LOVES the colour.

Look how cute the lid is!! Superdrug got 2 limited editions (the other one was green with an even cuter tribal lid) and Boots got 2, a fuchsia and a yellow. I haven't seen any posts on them, the Barry M limited editions should get more coverage so everyone (really just all the gals in the UK, sad that they aren't available everywhere :() can run out and get them. I'm eyeing up one of the current Superdrug limited editions, it's holographic glitter obviously I am. I also love how frequent the limited editions are, 2 years ago it was only Christmas limited editions. I still think Superdrug get the better ones.

I used 3 thin coats over white (2 coats Barry M - Matt White), 3 coats is definitely needed to remove all streaks, but soooooooooooooo worth it.
I do not care at all that the formula is not perfect cause this colour is so lovely. You can probably see the flaws in my swatch (though I think that was my sucky topcoat's fault, not my Color Club one, it wouldn't dare mess up a manicure). This is a jelly so bubbles form easier (especially with me and my lack of patience). It also dried kind of matte-ish (which I don't mind) but I topcoated it to remove the appearance of bubbles, only for my topcoat to form more but whatevs its not that bad. But honestly there were very little bubbles before topcoat, literally one cause I was smart for once and used thin coats.

So yeah I love this polish, time to buy more Barry M limited edition polishes methinks. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Ehhhh tone down with the neons! You're blinding me here! XD Hahahaha!! That pink is so bright! Super gorgeous! I am a softie for warm pinks too, but I refrain from getting them since I don't like it with my skin tone. Such a pity! So I'm just happy drooling over images of lovely warm pinks ^.^

    1. HAHAHA I cannot stop with my neons :P I'm obviously addicted, lol who cares that it's autumn. The colour is so gorgeous, I don't think the colour goes all that great with my skin tone but that never ever stops me. I'm all too happy looking at pictures too!! :)