Saturday, 9 March 2013

Purple Nails: OPI - Plum And Get It

Hi there guys!! I hope you weekend is treating you well. I followed my purple impulse and used this polish. It was a gift from my best friend (I have mentioned this before), she is such a generous girl and basically I love her, she's amaze (sorry if this phrase annoys you :P) and I'm really glad I have her as my best friend. Mushy moment but I have to thank her!! I mentioned a thousand times before that purple doesn't suit me but it really doesn't stop me.

It's a lovely colour, except I wouldn't describe it as plum (I haven't mentioned this before but I HATE PLUM) more a dark purple and it has a nice subtle shimmer to it. I used 3 coats, you could definitely do 2 and why I did 3 is a mystery. It's streaky on the 1st coat but after everything is fine. I don't know what collection this is from (:/ my professionalism coming into play) but research will happen. It's my favourite dark purple (ok I don't own any other dark purples but it makes this more special) and though it doesn't suit me it still looks nice.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!!! :)

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