Sunday, 10 March 2013

Freak Out! Stars

Hi there guys!!! I hope you're enjoying this fine Sunday evening, which will hopefully lead into a wonderful new week.

This post should also be titled "How nail fails can be saved", cause really. It was bad. I had an idea to do a glitter gradient "inspired" by Models Own - Freak Out!, but I think I was too lazy to do that and I just told myself, don't just put Freak Out! over plain nails. You can probably guess what I did, we all know I can't listen to myself.
It escalated to the point where I jelly sandwiched the mani and it was bad, very bad. I'm not going to describe how bad it looked cause it was bad. I gave myself a rule not to jelly with a different base and jelly colour. ...Um...Yeah...I did that. But I'm glad I didn't freak out (I'm a clever one aren't I :P) and give up, cause I really love this nail art.

I don't know why I don't do more stars cause I love stars. I freehanded those bad boys (literally have never used that phrase before in my entire life), and I'm so happy with how they turned out. It's really the colour scheme I love, it's "inspired" by Freak Out!. I think this is such a party manicure, ok maybe more kids party manicure but I love that vibe.
Base: OPI - Plum And Get It, Models Own - Freak Out! and No7 - Snowflake (DON'T DO IT, PLEASE)
Purple: OPI - Plum And Get It
Light Purple: Barry M - Berry Ice Cream
Blue: Nails Inc - Baker Street
Pale Blue: The Face Shop - GR501
Pink: Per Una - Fuchsia (no name)
I like Freak Out! but I don't love it, I show it here a lot but that doesn't mean I love it. I find the formula a bit tricky, everything migrates to the tips. I also don't like shards (they poke out and annoy me) and it smells really bad. But it's nice enough that I use it, no where near being a favourite though.

Had to edit out a wee bit of a cut, but it's still ok :)
Moral of the story: Don't jelly with a different colour to the base, and always persist after a nail fail cause it could turn out right!!

Thank you very much for reading and have a lovely day!!!! :)

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