Friday, 15 March 2013

Pink + Black Triangles

Hi there!!! The long week is over once again, darn school for giving me a gazillion homeworks and tests but I'll freak out about that later -_- I've been in a very triangular mood (you can feel triangular too!!!), so I freehanded some triangles once again. You can't go wrong with triangles :P

They're kind of like black Doritos, or ones that are severely out of date. Sometimes the design looked really cool, other times not so much. It looks nice in the pictures so I'll take it ;)
Pink: The Face Shop - PK105 with OPI - Excuse Moi!
Black: Topshop - Gypsy Night and Rimmel - Black Pearl
I also made this matte and Excuse Moi! looks cool matte.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!! :)

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