Sunday, 18 August 2013

Green Nails: Max Factor - Cool Jade

Hello there!! Today I have some green nails for you (well no -_-) I've explained the story behind this polish in my Tweety Bird nail art post (the nail art is actually pretty nice, I like it). But basically I joked to my friend about getting me nail polish and then she actually got me some and I felt totes emosh. She made a great choice, from first glance it seems pretty dupable but this one is special, promise.

Really all I can say is that this is a jade green, on the greener side and with a bit of dustiness. It's a nice colour and it's slightly darker than the other jade greens I have (Nomad is still my favourite by the way).

I've never tried a Max Factor polish before but colour me impressed. Once I find nice colours I want to try some more. Maybe the infamous Fantasy Fire, though to be honest it doesn't really impress me and it's not actually that hard to find (hey that's a good thing for others).

Ok the reason I'm the most impressed with this polish is the formula. I'm not a fussy gal but the formula is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo flawless. 2 stupendously (yes I'm using this word) easy coats and 1 coat for short nails. It's just perfect, not too thick not too thin and glides with no streaks. The brush shape is also perfect, it's a small brush and bottle but it fit so perfectly to my nail shape that I didn't have to clean up at all. Just saying I made a bit of a blunder with my thumb and that's why there's a messed up stroke, my fault not the polish's the other nails the polish looks lovely.

Hopefully all the Max Factor polish formula is like this cause it was a joy to apply (that sounds weird :/). So we should all go try some, thanks for reading and have a lovely day!! :)


  1. I guess Max Factor needs to come up with newer colours or combinations. Didn't have the privilege to try the mini creme colours, but we do have the Glossfinity range which proves to have a decent formula and rather easy application. And at an affordable price too.

    Anyway, Cool Jade is gorgeous! Sure does look like one of those polishes I've already got but will still lure me towards purchasing it! ;) Hahaha! Hey, she's your friend! That alone justifies her great taste! :D

    1. I guess they probably should, as the colours in their stands never jump out at me but I'm a big fan of cremes and if they're all like this formula wise I will be a satisfied girl.
      I thought it looked similar to polishes I own but though formula wise it's different (perfect) it's actually quite a bit darker too. :') That's so sweet, thank you!!! :)