Thursday, 29 August 2013

Combo: Ice Queen and Punk Princess

Hi there!!! My freedom was taken away, as school began again. Sad times for all the people going to school, including me. We all know school is not a bundle of fun times. I have a combo post today and I haven't done one of these in ages, I think I've been doing so many Gimme Glitters that combos have kind of been neglected. I was meant to do some nail art on top but I loved the glitter combos that I went without. Also I know the title is really lame but I love it, I feel really clever that I connected queen and princess together even though that's not very clever :/ Fun fact: I have exactly 15 Gimme Glitter and Combo posts each (super interesting I know).

My favourite things about this manicure are the sheer white hexes over the dark blue and the black glitter over the pink. These are the "ice queen" and "punk princess" elements.

The pink is Color Club - Wing Fling an extremely pretty glass flecked pink (2 coats) and the blue is Kiko - 266 (2 coats), I borrowed this from a friend as my go to dark blue (Barry M - Indigo) has been low for a while. I own Kiko - 265 which I thought was a cool coincidence and my friend did not haha, I get excited over little things.

On the blue nails I used 2 coats of OPI - Last Friday Night, which I just love the aqua micro-shimmer within that pops over dark blue. And 1 coat of OPI - Pirouette My Whistle, and I'm in love with those sheer white hexes which I always have to mention cause they're gorgeous.
On the pink nails I used Barry M - Ruby, I actually like how the pink glitter blends in with the base cause it looks like just black glitter on the nails. I want to use Ruby over a lighter pink cause I know it'll look awesome cause Ruby is an awesome polish. I used 2 coats and then some cause I wanted a lot of glitter, I think I went a bit overboard (it happens a lot) cause the pink base isn't coming through that well but I still like it. The formula is also awesome, it spreads on so easily and there's no migrating to the tips issues. Ruby is pretty different to OPI - Minnie Style but I much prefer it, better formula and looks better, the black glitter is super edgy haha.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked the look and have a great day!! :)


  1. This was cute! I liked the combination! :)

  2. Hi there! This is Dil from and I would just like to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award :) if you don't know what it is or don't know what to do next head to my blog to check out more information!

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  3. Hehe! Love the names you came up with for these combos! They are a matched! Ooh, am loving the combo of the pink nails too! So punk princess-ly stylish! :D

    1. Hahaha thank you, as I mentioned sometimes I think I'm a bit lame but it's good to hear that :) Me too, the black glitter just looks really cool :D