Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Blue Umbrella (Nail Art)

Oh hello there!! I saw Monsters University last month and I LOVED it, there were just so many happy vibes. Oh does that relate to this post, if you watched Monsters University (I hope everyone did), there was a PIXAR short film before it titled "The Blue Umbrella", which was absolutely adorable. What grabbed my attention before the anthropomorphic objects was the music, it was chill and cute (music can be cute). The music was just lovely and uplifting as was the short film. I loved those umbrellas so some nail art was in order. You can probably tell what happens in the film from the nail art even if you haven't watched it. Hopefully some Monsters University nail art will also be in order cause I seriously loved that film (I will be getting the DVD as soon as I can).

I have avoided umbrella manicures like the plague (haha ok maybe not that dramatic) but every time I see an umbrella mani I just don't like it and I don't think it looks nice. I found if you don't paint the umbrella at the cuticle the umbrellas can be cute like in The Blue Umbrella. Oh man I still love those umbrellas especially nail form, they're SO cute :3 I also wanted to do the tops of the umbrellas cause the details count (and I'm obsessive like that :P). I was browsing through old posts and realised the manicure is quite similar to my cupcakes in love design (though I prefer the umbrellas). In the short film I really liked the shape of the red umbrella, very unique.

And on the other nails I piled on the glitter, in other news one of my favourite glitter polishes Barry M - Superdrug Xmas LE 2012 B is bleeding. In my first post of the polish I stated that I liked how "the red glitter was not in your face red glitter", it wasn't apparent then but the red's been bleeding into the base. The salmon red is now much more salmon and I don't like it as much. It's still an awesome polish but the bleeding is a bummer, I wonder if it's been happening to anybody else with that polish (it was limited edition).

Blue: Color Club - Sky High
I was debating about which blue to use but I decided on Sky High cause of the gorgeous purple shift and it's special.
Red: OPI - Dutch Tulips
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Normally I'm a big supporter of a black outline but I like the lack of it in this design.
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
Pink: Orly - Basket Case
Peach: w7 - Linen
Silver: w7 - Silver Mirror
Brown: w7 - Brownie
Black: Topshop - Gypsy Night
Gypsy Night is a very unique polish, there's holographic glitter and after a second look I realised the red flakes shift to gold to green. Normally I would've spotted this but I got this polish last June and still didn't realise til now.  Gypsy Night clearly needs to be used more.
Glitter: Revlon - Belle and Barry M - Superdrug Xmas LE 2012 B
In the sun the glitter nails looked amazing, all that holographic sparkle and just the sparkle in general. By the way I love holographic glitter in case you didn't know ;)

If you haven't watch Monsters University NOW, The Blue Umbrella is right before it (I didn't expect it when I was watching and I guess I've ruined the surprise but technically the whole post has ruined the surprised haha). Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!!! :)


  1. Hi!
    I've nominated you for a Blog Your Heart Out Award. Your... prize... should you choose to accept it:
    I love your blog, it's so creative and unique!
    And I NEED to see Monsters University!! The umbrellas are very cute :)

    1. Thanks so much for the nomination, I'll check it out!! Thanks, creativity and uniqueness is something I always aim for ^_^ Oh my goodness yes Monsters University is amazing, the blue umbrella film is too cute as well!! :)

  2. I love the red umbrella's face, so adorable!

  3. AHH I TOTALLY RECOGNISED THEM! Super love the short story! The umbrellas were super adorable! Not just the umbrellas, the rendering, the storylines -- everything was good! :D Can't get enough of them! Aww, I love how well you captured their essence! Especially the super friendly look the blue umbrella has! :D Another great work from you! ♥

    1. The Blue Umbrella was SO GREAT!! I can't seem to help myself with these cartoons, thank you thank you thank you!!! :D <3