Saturday, 31 August 2013

Pink + Blue Clouds and Caviar

Why hello there!! Double posting today, a first for me, not all that exciting to be honest. I've had the "cloud" manicure on my to-do list for too long and it's adorable so I don't know why I've been waiting for so long. Another thing I should've tried earlier, caviar nails (or nail in my case), I've had the beads since Christmas so there's been no reason not to go for it except procrastination.

The clouds are so easy and cute, I just used the brush of the polish to do some lumpy shapes in a scallop shape/pattern and sorted, no issues with proportioning either!! The caviar looks quite cool too, these are the cheap ones from MUA (the one called Pisces containing blue, pink and silver beads, there's quite a large range of different beads from MUA), £3 instead of whatever high price Ciate is charging. It's good for those who want to try it out and not pay high prices, also I can't imagine myself using the beads a lot.

It wasn't particularly difficult to use the beads, just pour them over the wet polish. I had a container to stop the beads from going everywhere and so I could get excess back into the tube. The beads still went everywhere and some got stuck in the container I was using (I have to say I didn't use the best container), but MUA's tube for the beads has a lid that can also be used as a funnel which was somewhat helpful. I shook my hand for a bit to get rid of most of the excess from the nail (much more fell after, all before the photos). I wasn't fond of the packed look. After a little bit I pressed the beads gently to help them stick better I guess.
As you can imagine the beads don't last very long, especially with me as I decided to have a sorting out stuff day and in less than half a day quite a few of the beads came off and then I picked the remaining ones off too. I bet some people could make them last a day (max. 2 days), they are just not convenient for daily life. I wanted to go out and be like "Oh la la I have a fancy nail", but I didn't go out.

Here I have an alternate look, post beads, they left a bit of colour and I thought it looked cool, but after picking some nail was exposed so I freehanded some hearts with Lovely Me:Ex - White and Lovely Me:Ex - Black.
Base: Nails Inc - Sweets Way
I have to say removal this time wasn't so bad, the glitter still went everywhere but it wasn't all that difficult to get it off in the first place.
Blue: Essie - Bikini So Teeny
Pink: Orly - Basket Case
Turquoise: Essie - Turquoise and Caicos

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :) (Something crazy is coming tomorrow, you'll see, seriously it's crazy).


  1. This was gorgeous! It certainly makes me think of ice cream and candy topping! :D

    1. Thank you!! Oh my goodness I can totally see that with the caviar beads!! :D

  2. Oh I love the polish combo you did for the cloud manicure! Sweet and dreamy! :D I have some caviar nail products not sure how i would wear them. I know for sure I can't stand having them placed all over my nails. I totally agree with them being not at all practical. Although I have seen some rather interesting use for them. Like depicting sand on beaches or something. Hehe! Anyway, the beads sure left a really interesting aftermath look! Love the clever nail art you did for your ring finger after that! ♥ The hearts are so cute!

    1. ^_^ I wanted the colours to match the colours of the beads. Yeah the beads feel so weird as they were protruding but I hope that I can use them in different ways for interesting nail art. Thank you so much again!!! :D