Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Watermelon + Palm Tree Nail Art

Oh hello there!! Ok I made a mistake (be careful when changing your blog name, if you're thinking about it I recommend reading this post, super helpful) and now people can't get my posts, it can most likely be fixed. But after a lot of thought (I meant a LOT) I've decided that it's probably not all bad. I have an extremely busy year ahead of me and the posts will definitely be dropping. Also I found the "pressure" of the blog makes me enjoy painting a little less, I still love blogging but I've decided to blog for myself (literally haha). I'm really sorry but messing up but this has always been a small blog and I can't imagine anyone missing me too much haha. But if you ever happen to stumble here, hey I hope you like the nail art etc. I'm still gonna be here talking to myself though, I'm gonna have to get used to it but it's for the best. That's what I love, just painting and writing about nail art and polish, that's why I'm here :)
But enough of that, today's nail art was inspired by Ashley Tisdale (I didn't know that :P). My friend sent a picture to me. It's super cute and I made a few changes, it's a super suitable summer mani.

It just screams summer, and it's pretty cute. I busted out the neons and a new matte glitter polish(!!! Post on that soon). So it's double accented, surprise surprise cause I never use the thumb and ring finger for accent ;) Never. And I know the watermelon slice on my pinky turned out incorrectly :/

I've done the palm tree silhouette on a gradient before but it looks so awesome, and the glitter weirdly worked. I mattified the whole look and oh man I love matte nails. I want to do more silhouette manicures cause they are so pretty.

Green/Blue: Barry M - Greenberry
Greenberry is amazing, there's a reason this used to be my perfect colour, I love it!! And 1 coat, amazing is the word.
Neon Green: China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard
Neon Pink: Nails Inc - Notting Hill Gate
Pink: Barry M - Fuchsia
Orange: Essie - Fear Or Desire
Purple: OPI - Plum And Get It
Matte Glitter(!!!): The Face Shop - CMX321 (comeon, no cute name?)
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black

Hey thanks for reading and still have a lovely day!! :)


  1. Hahahha! No way! How can you even thought to keep your blog to yourself for even a moment! Sure I'd miss you! I've been busy myself too (hence my irregular posting) hahaha! But we all go through that once awhile, that burnt out feeling. I find it helpful to always keep in mind, the main reason for blogging. Not for the figures or numbers but the passion and joy of sharing what we created. :)

    Whoa! Love this nail art! My favs are the watermelons! Cause when the weather's hot, I always think of watermelons or pears! Love how everything just works in this nail art! The neon colours you used for the watermelons as well as how you utilized the matte glitters! Very refreshing indeed! :D

    1. Definitely!! I guess I thought no one really read but awwww thank you!! :') I'm glad that the main reason for this blogging business is the joy of sharing :)
      And thanks so much :D Neons are my favourites and watermelons are so yummy!! I'm also kind of in love with matte glitter, I want more :P