Sunday, 25 August 2013

Koi Nail Art

Hello there!! I hope you're doing well today, I have some koi nail art today inspired by Mr. Candiipants again, she created a great tutorial for this that I decided to use cause I thought the design would be difficult. But it turns out it's super easy and looks great!! I love watching Candice's tutorials cause that girl is hilarious, I find makeup tutorials extremely boring, but I watched all 20 minutes of Candice's tutorials cause she is just so funny. If you're uncertain about the koi nails I urge you to go for it, it's so easy (and her tutorials are a fun way to waste time)!!! :)

I always enjoy animal nail art and I'm definitely enjoying the koi, it looks complicated and intricate but once you know how to do it everything automatically simplifies. Well I think it looks impressive ;) The koi are cute too.

I changed the design a bit, I was meant to add a couple a silver dots, but I went overboard (why is this not surprising? :/), and after I decided just the silver was boring so I got a bunch of hexes and placed them one by one. And filled some with blue polish, I like the way it looks cause I like a bit of interest but I don't get how these let's place glitter one by one ideas come into my head. Apparently I like tedium. Also I did the dots in groups of 3, so the total dots are a multiple of 3!! This is incredibly exciting I know.
I got some glitter onto the rim of the polish and I'd poke it out with a toothpick and place it. To be honest it was quite relaxing, you see those designs that are all placed glitter and they are incredibly impressive. Haha I want to try that now, I'll need to have a lot of time on my hands.

Base: Kiko - 266 (borrowed from a friend), Models Own - Indian Ocean and Orly - Go Deeper
I wanted the combination of a darkish blue and Indian Ocean like in my Boo nail art which looked cool. Maybe the awesome is reserved for the combination of Barry M - Indigo and Indian Ocean cause Indian Ocean looked extremely plummy (and I HATE plum). To fix this I added 2 coats of Go Deeper (the perfect base for this) and order was restored, I do like how purple peaks out sometimes. Go Deeper also has holographic glitter which makes everything better.
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
Orange: Bourjois - Tangerine Fatal, Essie - Tart Deco and OPI - Jinx
I LOVE the shimmer that Jinx adds, <3 Jinx
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
Placed glitter: Barry M - Hologram Hexograms (cause you can't have too much holographic glitter) and the white hexes from OPI - Minnie Style
Silver: w7 - Silver Mirror
Blue of dots: Revlon - Dreamer
Sealed with the amazing Color Club topcoat that I love very much, that white pen smudges like nobody's busy but that topcoat did not smudge anything and I'm so glad the topcoat of my dreams has come into my life haha. I needed 2 coats of topcoat to smooth the placed glitter.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!! :)


  1. Wow, this was super cute and such a unique nail art! Just awesome! :D

    1. Thank you very much, Candice really has some really great nail art!! :)

  2. I love these, I tried them out myself with just the picture to go on, I didn't know there was a tutorial!

    1. Thank you!!! I'm sure yours were nice, the tutorial is super good!! :)

  3. This is so pretty! I'm glad I can look at your blog now! I had problems for a while... It would have been too bad to miss that!

    1. Thank you so much!! The problems were MY fault entirely and I'm so sorry, the blog name change created a lot of issues but I'm so glad I'm back on track and you're back!! :)

  4. Ohh love these koi fishies! Hahahha!! You totally amplified their cuteness in your nail art! Love that! :D

    Candice is hilarious and such a charmer! She's a great inspiration and her tutorials are ever so awesome! Need to try these one day ;)

    1. Thanks SO much!! As you know cute is my main thing ^_^
      Couldn't agree more!! I kept laughing during her tutorials, she can really maintain interest as usually I get bored and skip through. Yes you should, yours would be great!! :)