Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Blue Nails: OPI Liquid Sand - Get Your Number

Oh hello there you fine folks!! I mentioned in my last Liquid Sand post (Jinx, my thoughts are pretty clear about it) that I had another textured polish to show you. I hinted it was really sparkly and that there polish is Get Your Number. I'll start with some textured pictures.

Get Your Number is a textured blue jelly with holographic and blue shimmer and larger (but still small) pieces of holographic glitter. It's from the Mariah Carey collection earlier this year. I used 3 coats, it built easier and wasn't difficult to manage at all.
To be perfectly honest I had very high hopes after Jinx, and I don't know why but this kind of fell flat for me. I guess I was expecting super sparkle (the bottle was sparkly man), some rise to the occasion, some fall flat. But really, I should love every element of this, it's blue with holographic glitter. I guess the holographic glitter isn't so holographic when hidden by a jelly and texture. That said I still like it. It's rougher than your average rough glitter which led to me feeling it more.

I added 2 coats of topcoat (still has a little bit of texture after) and I liked it much better. The holographic shimmer/glitter and the blue shimmer came out and looked much more interesting. The blue was also slightly darker and brighter. During application I was expecting a brighter blue but it dried a bit duller, topcoat brings it back.
Honestly removal wasn't too bad, give it some effort and it's off. Definitely nothing like those glitters that fuse to your nails. I found Get Your Number was easier to remove than Jinx, also with Jinx the golden shimmer got everywhere. Obviously I could deal with it though.

Here is a blurry picture to show holographic sparkle, it was nice but not mind-blowing. I guess I'm spoilt by Topshop - Razzmatazz (sorry for the shocking pictures in the post) so I wanted more holographic glitter. In more direct lighting there's more sparkle but still not good enough for me. I love holographic glitter and I have high standards (oh dear...I've made things difficult for myself :/). One thing about Get Your Number is that I found that it made my nails "chunky" (not in a bad way), I have narrow nail beds and I found this polish gave the illusion of wider nails. Just me?

So these are the liquid sand polishes I acquire, once again even though I am not "can't even"-ing about Get Your Number, I am still a fan. I'll be wearing it again just to feel the texture (in a non-creepy way? :/). I don't think I'll be getting more textured polishes until something wonderful comes along. Loving the other one, liking this one. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :)


  1. Oh, hehe! This polish reminds me of bath salts! Which somehow has a quite a relaxing effect :) But the holographic-ness definitely pops more when topcoated! Still a pretty polish to have! ♥

    1. Haha like bath salts in water!! It is pretty, just me being a bit obsessed with holographic glitter wanted more ;) Thanks for commenting!!