Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Green Nails: Barry M - Greenberry

Hi there!! I have been so busy lately and definitely once the challenge is over the posts will drop in volume. I never anticipated for the crazy that has jumped into my life. There was me thinking I could handle another challenge, that is NOT the case, ambitious cause there is just no way I could've handled it.
So I have a swatch today, the beautiful Barry M Greenberry, this is my old perfect colour with the perfect formula and it's just a fabulous polish.

Sorry for the red-ish pictures, I had to colour correct cause my camera hates green polish
Greenberry is a bright blue-y green, so gorgeous, the colour is just the best. This is another from the Barry M Gelly range and clearly I need all of them (this is going to be a problem :/). I think the polish can lean even greener than in the pictures, it is Greenberry for a reason.

I have no bad things, I'll once again make a comparison with Topshop Green Room where the bottom line is Greenberry is a million times better even though they are virtually the same colour. I'm not even that fussy when it comes to formula. This is not your standard jade or mint polish.

2 coats that glided perfectly, no fuss, I think the brush is good as I had very little clean up. I've got away with 1 coat if it was thick enough and I have long nails, it's almost a guaranteed one coat for short nails.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!! :) 


  1. Beautiful color and also great that it only needed two coats! :D

    1. Yes it is, couldn't agree more and it makes the polish so much better that the formula is perfect!! :)

  2. Whoaaa I love the colour! Sooo pretty! I love how it falls almost aqua-ish tone! Makes it a really unique green to have! :D And look at it shineeeee so glossy! Hahaha! Gotta love those good formulas! Makes our polishing days/times so much more enjoyable! :)

    1. Yes oh my gosh I love the colour too!! It actually is pretty different from the other greens I have, it's good the shininess translated into pictures :) Totally agreed about the formula, no one wants to deal with a fiddly formula!! :)