Sunday, 22 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 20 - Water Marble

Hi there guys!! Oh water marbling, why you so hard? That being said this is probably the best water marble I've done (just because there was always something going majorly wrong in my previous attempts). But it was not a completely smooth process. I used Simple Little Pleasure's Watermelon Marble tutorial, quite clearly I didn't follow it exactly as her's look a million trillion times better. Colette is beyond amazing at water marbling, I just watch her videos to see her perfect marbles form. And then do it myself for the same things to NOT happen haha :P

When I finished the marble I thought it was a major fail, and it was my fault the tape was covering a little bit of the nail and I didn't realise as I was careless and didn't check. Quite clearly there is more rind than actual melon. You don't know how the black dots saved it, and I could've added more dots but by then I actually liked the design and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And I really like the colours, so in the end I was happy with this marble.
My favourite nail is my index, which was actually the first nail I did, clearly things went downhill from there. As my index finger is the only one where you can see a watermelon resemblance.

Oh the water marbling problems, they never end do they? My water was probably too cold (didn't leave it overnight :/), and though the polish would spread, it wasn't making a nice target shape, it was kind of lopsided.
I also couldn't draw nice patterns, the polish was doing weird things, like the random pink lines on my nails. I like them but they weren't intended, it's cause the pink blob of polish just moved when it wasn't meant to if you get me. And if I did draw a nice design, I wouldn't dunk my nail into the right part of the design, so the nice part would end up on the tape and not my nail -_- Unfortunately marbling uses a lot of polish which is why even if a nail went wrong I kept it, as dropping the polish in is already wasting it as most of it won't go on your nails.
In my previous marbles where things would go majorly wrong, I could at least see potential in the patterns drawn, I don't see it this time. I guess I researched better the last two times, I do want to get more practice and one day have a gorgeous marble.
The last time I marbled was last August, so I'm definitely out of practice as marbling just isn't something I do often. The first time I marbled was for this challenge, this attempt here is definitely better than then.

White base and white: Barry M - Matt White
Dark Green: OPI - Jade Is The New Black
Neon Green: China Glaze - I'm With The Lifeguard
Pink: OPI - Charged Up Cherry
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day, see you next time!! :)


  1. I never dared to try water-marbling... It always looks so hard! But yours is really nice, don't worry! :D

    1. It can be pretty hard, getting a nice design is especially hard!! Thank you though!!! :D

  2. These looks amazing! I love the dots you added and the colors are very fun! I've stayed away from water marbling as it's so messy but yours is so pretty I feel like I need to try it :)

    1. Thanks so much!!! :D The dots kind of saved this haha. Oh yeah marbling is a messy business but you should give it a go, I'm so glad I could inspire you (^_^)!! Things can easily go wrong with marbling (trust me I've made all the mistakes), but it can be very worth it, I believe in you :P!! :)

  3. Whoa look at the vast improvement! Love this delicious-quench thirsting watermelon watermarble nail art!!! :D The colours alone already reminded me of watermelons! So, don't worry about the design, I love the abstractness of it! :D This is sadly, one technique I have gave up on. Hahahahha! I just can't go through with the tediousness of it. Sooo, I have huge respect for anyone who can pull it off! *Salutteeee* :D Great job!

    1. In hindsight the improvement is very much there!! :) Hehe thank you so much!! I did grow (heh lame food pun) to like this design and let's let abstract be the word for this. I'm sure one day you'll get your perfect water marble, it can be very teidious, I'm still waiting for that to happen too haha :P :D