Thursday, 12 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 12 - Stripes

Hi there guys!! Stripes are not my forte, normally they're just not that great for me when there are tons of gorgeous striped manicures out there.
Over the summer my friend sent me a picture she saw on Pinterest and said it's be cool if I'd tried it. Thing was I had so many nail art things I also wanted to try so I didn't get round to it. But her picture fit the striped theme perfectly and I went and gave it a go (unfortunately I don't know where or who created the design, but theirs was snazzy).
By the way I'd love to have Pinterest but the long and short of it is that, I know if I got it my life would be spent on Pinterest, which wouldn't be so great for me right now ;)

Sorry my hand's so weirdly coloured, my lighting was being weird
The original has a very different colour scheme but I felt like I wanted some green so I did that (I don't know a less stupid way of saying that). They also used black tape, which I don't have so I freehanded the stripes, they're a bit wobbly but I like them nonetheless. The design is pretty cool, lots of colours can be used and I like the colour scheme I chose.
I showed it to my friend in school and she said she thought it was nice and was glad to provide me with inspiration ^_^ Bless her.

I painted a stripe of colour with the brush of the nail polish, then drew some thick-ish lines in black. I don't know why this reminds me of bandages. But the lines going in different directions is pretty funky.

Base: China Glaze - Re-Fresh Mint and OPI - Pirouette My Whistle (subtle, but there)
Thumb: Nails Inc - Baker Street (blue) and OPI - Plum And Get It
Index: Barry M - Prickly Pear (purple), The Face Shop - BL601 and Revlon - Blue Lagoon (blue)
Middle: Barry M - Fuchsia (pink) and Color Club - Sky High (blue)
Ring: Color Club - Wing Fling (pink) and Illamasqua - Jo'Mina (purple)
Pinky: The Face Shop - PK105 (pink)
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black (as always)

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day, look forward to seeing you for animal print!! :)


  1. This look great (: It look good on you (:

  2. This looked great, you shouldn't be so hard on your self! :D
    And YES, pinterest is SO addictive, now day's I have no life.. hahaha :D

    1. Aw thanks, I guess I can't help it, the perfectionist in me comes out ;) Haha I'm told how addictive Pinterest is, I know I'd love it, but that would be the problem, loving it too much, therefore as you said having no life :P :)

  3. Oh I love this! I suppose it's cutty placements sure looks like bandaids! Rather than that, I was just seeing them as patterns, until I read bandaids and I was reminded of a shoe I kinda like but my brother said it looked like I had bandage on my feet. Hahaha! guess what? It's mostly black and coloured stripes! I still think the shoes/sandals was really cool and comfy! That said, so I really like this nail art! :D

    Haahaha!! I was just about to ask you to hop on pinterest! ;D It sure was addictive at first, but when greed takes over, you'd be craving for more. Well, it was like that for me at first. Addictive. Overtime I realised there are a lot of repins and same repins over and over.. I kinda prefer seeing more new stuffs around. Soon I wasn't that into pinterest anymore. Etsy most likely or I'd follow some pinners who pins awesome stuffs ;P So they'd be the ones doing the findings and I only have to logged onto pinterest to see/admire those! Hahahaha! Sneaky me :3

    My point is, pinterest is worth it! XD Getttttt it!!! :P

    1. Haha thanks, that's a weird coincidence!! I can see the shoe thing, like the black strips are straps. The colours making it more fun :D
      I know one day I'll probably give into Pinterest, but maybe when I'm less busy. I have learning to do and Pinterest will take away learning time haha. I get how things could get re-pinned over and over and seeing new things could become rare, good thing I'm already addicted to a million other internet things :/ ;) I love looking at indie polish on Etsy, I could (and do) spend ages there. Maybe I'll do the same as you to get the most out of Pinterest!! :)