Saturday, 28 September 2013

31DC2013: Day 24 - Inspired by a book

Hi there guys!! Happy weekend!! I'm gonna have to catch up with homework and notes whilst procrastinating, we can all guess what's gonna happen. I actually didn't have too many difficulties picking which book, I thought of my book collection and which was the most visual for nail art. So I picked "Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua, really about her and her family and her struggles with parenting. I was surprised I really liked this book as it's not like I could emphasise with her experiences but she's pretty funny and her writing keeps you interested. I'm trying to not sound corny but it's just gonna happen, it's like there's always lots of stories in everyone's lives.

So tiger and stripes and I'm kind of loving the design. I knew I wanted to paint a realistic tiger, and realism is not a thing at PlumeriaPainted so I needed help. And I got the beyond perfect help with Emily's Nail Files tiger tutorial, for one her tiger looked amazing and when she broke it down, it's actually really easy!! I didn't even do my normal white twinkle in the eye cause I was going for realism man.
I went for the textured polish again cause I love Jinx and I really like incorporating textured polish into my manis. I went for the textured on smooth and smooth on textured, but I top-coated the whole design at the end. I wasn't sure if the red-ish Jinx would work for the tiger but I think it's fab, the sparkle is still wonderful. Then I got my white base, randomly painted swipes of orange polish and painted red tiger stripes on top cause of the red title of the book.

I didn't expect to like this book as I don't necessarily agree with extremely strict "Asian" parenting, but it's definitely an enjoyable read for the reasons stated at the top of this post. I guess the author herself learnt there are pros and cons, personally I don't think I could cope with strict parenting. I would crack under the pressure haha.
But one thing I found the last time I read this book a couple of months ago was I would bawl my eyes out when reading, this wasn't the first time I'd read the book and the first crying I was not crying my eyes out. There are sad parts of this book, but when she'd mention her daughter Lulu and what she'd say I felt I really could relate and the worst part about it was her mother wouldn't understand. Sometimes I would just start crying uncontrollably and not understand why, to be honest I still don't really understand why. My mother is no where near as strict as the author but I really empathised with her daughter. Haha it was totes emosh (sorry for all the emotionalness :P). I wonder if I read it again if the same effect would be there, maybe I was particularly emotional at that time :P

Red: OPI - Jinx
Black: Lovely Me:Ex - Black
White: Lovely Me:Ex - White
Green: Max Factor - Cool Jade
Pink: OPI - Japanese Rose Garden
Darker Pink: Barry M - Boots LE Xmas 2012 B
Brush stroke base: Barry M - Matt White (base), Models Own - Beach Party, Chili Pepper - Orange (no name) and w7 - Golden Sands

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a really great day!!! :)


  1. you did a brilliant job (: I love the tiger. it does look realistic (:

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad you think that, maybe I should dip into realism more!! :)

  2. Wow, beautiful done! I love your accent tiger nail! :D

    1. Thank you!!!! :D that's probs my favourite nail too :)

  3. Ehh? Hahahahaha!! The white 'tinkles' are actually reflection of light, that appears in one's eye or eyes. That's realism! xD Hahahahahah!! Not too big a dot though, just a tiny one. Hahaha, still it looks stunning already! Splendid job for tiger!

    Hmm haha, only good stories would move their audiences, right? I like and admire how authors are able to do that. Such amazing skills! :D I actually appreciate the strict upbringing of Asian families. Although, mine isn't too strict. I am very thankful for the way I've been brought up. Hahahaha, but you know, you wouldn't crack if all the while you have been brought up the 'strict' way. It would be something you're familiar with. :P Hahahaha!

    1. Thanks so much!! I debating about the twinkle in it's eye but I was going all for realism (kind of), your point makes more sense though. Should've gone with the twinkle :P
      Yeah I think she wrote her stories well and it keeps one engaged. I agree about the strict upbringing, surely one who is brought up that way would be used to it. They also tend to be very successful. Haha but I'm definitely thankful the way I've been brought up too!! I'm probably too soft for a proper strict upbringing!! :P :)