Thursday, 2 May 2013

Red Nails: Nails Inc - Tate + w7 - Burnt Amber

Hey there guys!! I'm hoping you're all well and not dwelling like a bottom dweller(?). Ok I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Today was a bit crazy but I made it through didn't I. Plain red nails are a rare thing for me (I need nail art and red is rather fancy for me), but I performed in my devised play today (it was fine :)) and I wanted my nails to match my character (a scientist).

The play was set in England in around the 70's, I looked up the nail trends for then and it said "bare nails" (which I was like "Lol no"), "deep brick red, browns and burgundies".
I had Nails Inc - Tate (a deep red) sitting there so it seemed like a good idea. It's a one coater, but I did 2. It dried and I hated it, it's not the polish, it's me. It's not my colour, it looked way too brown (it is brick red). What can I say I love brights.
So with my logic I thought some kind of glitter would make it better, but I don't own a red glitter (:O), shimmer had to do. One coat of w7 - Burnt Amber stepped in... And I still hated it but it was slightly better. Burnt Amber is an opaque polish, but it was an afterthought.

The pictures you see here are in natural light which I think the colour is lovely and sophisticated, but when I was painting the lighting I was in made it look brown (and horrible). I don't enjoy brown. But let's enjoy the nice colour in the pictures and don't see this one in a yellow tinged lighting setup. I really should've stuck to my go-to red, OPI Dutch Tulips (what a babe of a polish).

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!!! :)

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